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  • I am a firm believer that if you are looking for love instead of your best friend, it will fail. One must be a best friend before anything more can develop. Common morals, interests, etc. I have been divorced for four years but do not fret the small stuff. I haven't entered the dating scene yet. I am not sure I remember how after 18 years. But, life is good. I have my son, my two wonderful granddaughters, and my parents still in my life. I am a Florida girl relocated to Georgia to hel...
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Life is good, but it will get even better Posted on Dec 16, 2013 at 09:50 PM
I am four years divorced from an 18 year marriage and haven't re-entered the dating scene. Not sure I remember how. I have a wonderful son and two wonderful granddaughters who are talented, smart and beautiful. (Not that I am biased) I am a Florida girl, relocated to Georgia to be near my son. My parents are still in Florida and I am blessed to have them still in my life. My mother was an international knit designer whom I modeled for several years ago. She is one to look up to. She started the Veteran's Cemetery in Jacksonville, FL, is in several clubs with the Daughter's of the American Revolution and volunteers weekly at the cemetery. We always spent our summers in the Keys (Islamorada) at my grandparents' resort. The Keys are so beautiful. I learned the hard way not to pick up the pretty coral (fire coral which emits poison for protection). The blue water is unlike any other and the fish are beautiful. Remember spending weekends on the boat. Loved it. Never afraid of sharks for some reason. Have a brother who has been deaf since birth. He is the most talkative deaf person alive. He has excelled and has become a certified marine engine mechanic for Johnson, Mercury and Evinrude. My older brother is an electrical engineer and graduate of the Rambling Wreck of Georgia Tech. I am a retired certified paralegal studying at University of North Florida. I spent 40+ years in law and loved being able to help people in times when it seemed their lives were falling apart. I have been in all types of law except Criminal. Could not justify representing criminals. I love life, though I have been bored since I moved to this small town. I stay busy and happy. I love working in the yard and garden, animals and nature. I live on three acres which I have yet to explore. Scared of ticks. I enjoy anything on the water and used to be pretty darn good at knee boarding (hydro sliding). Kept my tosh and thighs in shape. LOL I love the mountain but miss my beach in Florida. I love waterfalls, rainbows, mountains, animals, and life in general. I live by the Bible and it has made me into the person I am today. I am not a prude, but I do have morals. I am intelligent and like a stimulating conversation. Today has been full of Christmas wrapping. The girls came home from school and were so surprised to see all the packages under the tree. Of course, there was the checking of names and shaking of boxes. Will be a good Christmas. I know that you have to be best friends for love to blossom. I also know that when it is time for love to re-enter my life, God will have my path cross with Prince Charming. I am patient and content until that happens. To all how read this, hope you have a wonderful and safe Holiday!
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