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Blog description: The forks in the road ahead of you? Metaphysics,GPS,map,or intuition? My loving Diane died despite using all my resources,in 04. I have dealt with the grief. Witch path to go without a compass? Your thoughts are of great value to me.
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The SECRET of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE Posted on Mon, Jan 26, 2009 21:21
Has romance left this world? Has kindness, honesty and respect fallen to indifference? Has true love become an elusive and disposable commodity? Well I still believe in all of them. I believe that love is still one of the most beautiful gifts that God has granted us. I am honest, loyal and believe in monogamy and expect the same. I am way past the time for game playing. I am looking for someone to have fun with for the rest of my life. If love is nurtured and cherished I believe it can endure. I am a hopeful romantic. I love to laugh and enjoy life. Easy going. I am confident, outgoing, open and honest.