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Writings from the heart........ Posted on Thu, Apr 20, 2006 13:43
Do you write from time to time to heal your pain, to pass the time, to convey your love? I wrote this for my Love on Valentines Day. What do you think? THE DEPTH OF MY SOUL You have touched my heart, my soul Your presence warms me through The sound of your voice echos softly in my ear Come fly with me, don't let go I love freely, deeply, unconditionally I cannot go where you are not within my heart, the pain would be too great In the silence I see your face In the silence I feel your touch How far does our desire go My new journey, I will always long to be by your side A place to heal, a place to grow, let me comfort your soul Your scent fills the air, my body aches to feel your touch When I shiver in lonliness will you warm my heart Kiss my lips, travel over my skin awaken me, capture me Your strength wrapped around me, pulling me lighter, deeper I give you all that I have, I love you so........ Country