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Posted on Feb 20, 2014 at 12:00 PM


Seated at the edge of the window, 
Watching snow fall like drizzles, 
Cars wipe and dogs shivers, 
Thrills of love and loneliness, i shiver 
Lost amid-st the clouds, 
I think not more of what we'v become, 
The angle we lay, we lay no more 
We chit-chat, chat-chit, chit and chat now i'm mute, 
Turning tables, mind full, 
I breathe the cold air, as it fills my lungs 
I'm alone and so is every man 
Bursting into tears, my heart is heavy 
I love life the life we had, 
What more is life without you, 
I watch the snow fall and memories filter, 
I watch the snow fall and pains glitter, 
I watch the snow fall and love withers, 
I watch the snow fall, till i can watch no more. 

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