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Posted on Feb 21, 2014 at 03:02 AM

Growing up she had somany aspirations,

Hair dark and brown eyes, a signature of peace she takes forth

Admiring green lands and clouds, imaginations came alive

She struggled to understand why she felt different.


Daddy, she said “what happens when my dreams turn blurry”

With love he said “what happens when the clouds get foggy”?

She twirled and laughed at every single moment hoping the clouds of her dreams never get foggy.

Breakfast time and fathers seat was empty, she waited

She yelled, papa ! papa!

Tears rowed down as she searched the yards


In a black gown a lady approached,

She fell to floor, hoping she was dreaming

The pain pierced so deep

Tears like blood came running through




Papa left my question unanswered,

Papa left without having breakfast

Papa left my clouds foggy!


Papa left my clouds foggy!

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