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Posted on Jun 12, 2006 at 10:46 AM

Here is a poem I wrote...for your reading pleasure! I hope you enjoy. BIG DEAL To all those who wonder about the love they never knew? The late nights pondering if ever dreams come true And then slough it off like it?s no big deal Tossed aside as though it?s not real Rationalizations of no big deal, no big fuss Just words on paper & feelings left to rust Of a comfort and relief out there somewhere Someone who knows & really cares Who I am, who I was, who I want to become Helping me to know true love Kind and gentle for the sake of giving Expecting nothing in return ?.just a way of living No guards to battle, no wars to wage Or flight of soul ? from years engaged In a cause untold, but never beyond The hope softly whispered in melodic song There is more, so much more I struggle to know So why does it seem I?m too busy to grow? Or is love elusive for another reason? Oh God, when will I come into my season? Who cares? Big deal. It?s only lingering feelings Late in the night with demons? dealings. Do you ever think about life?s purpose? Why let your feelings come to the surface? Unharness emotions buried so deep? Exposed to light where they?ll never keep? So forget with solace. Embrace the unknown. Imbibe with endearing fantasies grown. Someday you may be able to say I am blessed to have found true love today And it really is a big deal to me Believing will spring into reality.

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