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Posted on Jun 12, 2006 at 10:43 AM

I enjoy writing ... it's my way of integrating the totality of my being...physical, emotional, and spiritual. It allows me to explore and express my feelings, thoughts and desires free of judgment. I've written professionally in the past, articles, publications and even once an advise column, but now days, I enjoy writing poetry and short stories. I hope you enjoy. "I WILL BE DANCING" There is a sea of silence just beyond my dreams Walled off, tucked away, safe from ravaging beasts That can no more plunder my soul with their screams There I will be dancing to the rhythm of the earth Rocking to and fro by gentle sway of moon and tide Chanting sonnets that echo a reclamation of worth And there awaits a lovely cloud where I may rest peacefully Whose puffy fullness of mist is a soft, soothing balm To the pain of despair and numbness of complacency I will be dancing to coquettish tunes Around the fluid circle of life and death and birth Dancing naked in the dim light of the new moon Then shall my sweetest incense burn upon an alter of light Releasing the perfume of my clandestine ghostly essence As I twirl and leap and laugh with the guardians of the night.

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