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The Problem with being 63 Posted on Wed, Jun 05, 2013 00:00

What I regret the most is what has happened to our country. Unlike most people, entrepreneurs have admiration of the freedom that this country provides. We were able to take advantage of that freedom and opportunity because we knew it was possible if you just had the vision, the work ethic, and the belief in yourself that you could accomplish something positive and be successful. The sad thing now, unlike when a lot of us started out, is that those freedoms and opportunities have been radically restricted. Yes, there will be those that will still be successful in spite of the current environment, but the reality is that those opportunities are not going to be very plentiful in the near future.

An entrepreneur has talents that are in leadership, being the visionary, the goal setter, the motivator and leader. What I think is hard for people that have never done it to understand, is how all-consuming it is. Of course, many people work hard and it is all-consuming to them, but the difference is as an entrepreneur you cherish the all-consuming part because that is what gives you the energy to push forward. But the problem of being 63 years old, is that I know that all-consuming part will make 10 years go by in a flash, at the expense of smelling the roses. So while I wanted to work till I drop the hope was to have the balance of being able to lead a group of people, but still have time to enjoy all the good things that life has to offer. Yes I could do it again. But that isn't the balance that I was expecting. We find ourselves γ€€in this limbo situation that even if lots of money were available, there really are no good investments except to buy things and wait until the economy gets rolling again.

And that is why I have such anger at the politics of our day.γ€€ What they don't understand about their good intentions to help the needy or helpless, is that the human toll on those of us, the ones that build things, are languishing in knowing that if they would just let us go back to work, we would bring all those unemployed back with us, and that would solve the problem.γ€€ The policies that they are pursuing will make us linger ever longer and longer on the bottom.