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Have you forgotten what style is ? 455 Views 11/25/06
I have been around women's fashion for many years and always admired a well dressed woman. But there's something very classy about a woman in a hat that few can pull off and show that glamour that was around in of the 40's and 50's style and still in style today. Women tend to forget the details of brooche, gloves, or even a scarf and the extra sparkle on the outside, that says just as much as what's underneath. Dressing with style is not only for dinners and dates, or is what how you see it now a days. I know when I head to the mall I see women in casual clothes mostly, on a rare occasion will I see a women dressed totally complete with everything done just right.But when I do, my eyes go straight for her. Have women forgotten to dress up or is it because it's just not comfortable or do you think it's not worth the effort too look your best at all times?
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