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How old is to Old to be a Father? 8 Views 06/24/06
My question is how old is to old to be a father?? I've noticed alot of older man who's into younger ladies.. But, when it comes to wanting kids, how old is to old?? I've been dating older man all my life which has help me to be who i am today, so im all for it. What do you think?
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Do we really know what we want on here? 18 Views 06/18/06
Ladies in Gentleman, what is it that were really searching for on Millionaire Match? Alot of people seems to be about the same things, Money, Sex, Lies, etc.. Come on People, alot of us are very successful business owners, so why is it so hard to get what you want online? But in person/business were unbeatable, a class above the rest? Personally I'm enjoying this site to the fullest! I'm very outspoken, don't settle for less in go for what i want..Cheers
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