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Posted on May 29, 2013 at 07:46 AM

What is to love a woman

To love a woman is to shut up when she cracks up; it is enough love to be silent
Never let your male pride prevail, you can't turn off the fire with fire!
After an outburst, take her in your arms and say I'm sorry and I love you more anyway!

Tell her that even when she's angry, she's more beautiful! More sexy! Her beauty is proverbial!
Because sometimes crises are her calls to cuddle or her revolts to your indifference!
Loving a woman is art! An art to understand and talk art!

To love a woman is not to be selfish in the marital bed! Loving a woman is to forget yourself!
Loving a woman is to open the door sometimes. Make her the queen of your life and your heart

This is more than feelings and sensuality. To love a woman, is to seek her happiness
It is to have as challenges making her happy, it is to seek happiness in her smile

Loving a woman is to give her time, it's not only having time to make love, but also having time to listen, to have time to accompany her to the market, take pleasure in seeing her select tomatoes, give her time to choose peanuts without stress
Loving a woman is to know patience, simply.

Brigitte M
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