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Posted on May 13, 2013 at 11:02 AM

The world works with a giant ticking clock

There ain't no time to waste, tic tac tic tac

Don't you hear the sound calling, It's morning!

No bed to last on for another second, arise!

The universe awaits for your contribution

Bills have to be paid, mouths to be fed

Businesses to be succesful and money to flow


And it was what they all got on their minds

The ordinary people in  their sphere of gloom

Some are endlessy craving riches of the world

Others wanting to be known as great personalities

Millions are born everyday, schools produce them

Society strikes them with continuous pressure


And there's us, the different souls

A very few rebelling for freedom

We are called the no ordinary people

seeking everlasting happiness and love

Maybe a bag full of chocolate too

And in case you haven't yet noticed

Happiness means riches and fame to us

And love conquers all greatness ever seen


We wouldn't have to care about riches

Neither recognition all over the world

We got it all and we are the no ordinary kids

The father gave us as a gift to humanity

To remind you all that vanity is ceasing and futil

After all earth was never our last destination

Think about it the next time you wake up

Tic tac tic tac the clock is ticking, do you hear?

Ordinary or no ordinary - Where do you belong?





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Brigitte M
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