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Posted on Jun 01, 2013 at 04:51 PM

Someday I'll go to that place

A place where I please only me

I'm a dreamer of innocent dreams

Once a upon a time I was a child

My only concern was to play

But soon, I realised one truth

Life isn't all about playing

I learned how to do many things

As I grew up, I made mistakes too

I'm the dreamer of odd dreams

Wishing to be me, but who am I

Guess the answer flees the question

I know how to make one laugh

To be friendly and funny, I'm natural at it

Being goofy helps me run away from monotony

I'm a dreamer of fantasy dreams

My mind is the place where magic happens

That place where I'm allowed to be a singer

I sometimes am a fulfill woman proud of my deeds

And suddenly I wake up and realise the truth

My imagination has taken me to the far land

On that land, there's no judgement

No one to please, no tears to drop

Someday I must make it to that place

I'm a dreamer of mirage dreams

Here I am with my faith as a bag of gold

You can shoot at me, holding on is my name

As I pursue my conscience wishing to find reality

Follow me, you might find answers too on the trip

The trip of strenght, hope and faith

I'm a dreamer within my dream

A soul craving for fairness, goodness

Honor, justness, rectitude, respectability

Uprightness, virtue, love

And above all...Liberty





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Brigitte M
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