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  • My vision of life through poems
  • This blog is about my conception of life in words. Poems are ways to shout one soul out and I hope everyone enjoy reading my thoughts and insights and comment too.

    Ps: i'm a french speaker so english is a language i'm still learning, I'm therefore sorry for the mistakes and errors you'll eventually see in the posts.


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I could really use a wish right now Posted on Jun 01, 2013 at 04:51 PM

Someday I'll go to that place

A place where I please only me

I'm a dreamer of innocent dreams

Once a upon a time I was a child

My only concern was to play

But soon, I realised one truth

Life isn't all about playing

I learned how to do many things

As I grew up, I made mistakes too

I'm the dreamer of odd dreams

Wishing to be me, but who am I

Guess the answer flees the question

I know how to make one laugh

To be friendly and funny, I'm natural at it

Being goofy helps me run away from monotony

I'm a dreamer of fantasy dreams

My mind is the place where magic happens

That place where I'm allowed to be a singer

I sometimes am a fulfill woman proud of my deeds

And suddenly I wake up and realise the truth

My imagination has taken me to the far land

On that land, there's no judgement

No one to please, no tears to drop

Someday I must make it to that place

I'm a dreamer of mirage dreams

Here I am with my faith as a bag of gold

You can shoot at me, holding on is my name

As I pursue my conscience wishing to find reality

Follow me, you might find answers too on the trip

The trip of strenght, hope and faith

I'm a dreamer within my dream

A soul craving for fairness, goodness

Honor, justness, rectitude, respectability

Uprightness, virtue, love

And above all...Liberty





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Craziness or crazyness? Posted on May 31, 2013 at 08:01 AM

Guess I'll try my best
Guess I won't have no regret
Guess I'll continue to speak my soul out
Guess you'll keep looking open mouth
Guess I'll keep on staring at you in your world
Guess you'll tell me your secret afterworld

How do you sleep knowing I stare
How do you eat knowing I starve
How do you smile knowing I cry
How do you run knowing I crawl

Look at me, I'm Africa.
look at me, my children call me mama.
look at me, my rain doesn't need your umbrella.
look at me, my mystery is deep abracadabra

Feel me, I'm thorned and strong like acacia
Feel me, my dance breaks ground, an enigma
Feel me, you'll never understand my agenda
Feel me, my colors make you sing alleluyah

Guess life is all bittersweet, ping pong
Guess I'll have a biscuit, bing bong
Guess we'll all then admit, ding dong
That this poem doesn't make sense, fling flong
And Africa is ascending, this is my acclamation

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The breakup classic Posted on May 30, 2013 at 07:33 AM

You said you want something new

So you want to go away

You don't want an overview

So i got to find my way

You said our life is askew

So i stepped out breakaway


Hey soul brother

Thought it was you and I

Not a care of all other people

Thought it was us against them

Headlines blaring the scandal

Not a care of all they say


You said gone is my love for you

So I asked, did it start today

You said don't ask, I ain't got a clue

So I cried my heart away


Hey soul brother

Thought it was you and I

Not a care of all other people

Thought it was us against them

Headlines blaring the scandal

Not a care of all they say


You said I know you're hurt, I'll miss you

So I pinched myself I'm dreaming, no way!

You said I wish you the best, take care of you

So I replied you were the one that got away.





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What is to love a woman Posted on May 29, 2013 at 07:46 AM

What is to love a woman

To love a woman is to shut up when she cracks up; it is enough love to be silent
Never let your male pride prevail, you can't turn off the fire with fire!
After an outburst, take her in your arms and say I'm sorry and I love you more anyway!

Tell her that even when she's angry, she's more beautiful! More sexy! Her beauty is proverbial!
Because sometimes crises are her calls to cuddle or her revolts to your indifference!
Loving a woman is art! An art to understand and talk art!

To love a woman is not to be selfish in the marital bed! Loving a woman is to forget yourself!
Loving a woman is to open the door sometimes. Make her the queen of your life and your heart

This is more than feelings and sensuality. To love a woman, is to seek her happiness
It is to have as challenges making her happy, it is to seek happiness in her smile

Loving a woman is to give her time, it's not only having time to make love, but also having time to listen, to have time to accompany her to the market, take pleasure in seeing her select tomatoes, give her time to choose peanuts without stress
Loving a woman is to know patience, simply.

women are gonna hate me on this one Posted on May 27, 2013 at 08:07 PM

Women are not complicated, they are different from one to the other

Just like men they have similarities but the differences are quite large's one journey you would and must want to take

Because at the end of the day you always learn from it


Why do men complain so much about women complexity

And yet they are found in their arms, endlessly lost and begging for more?

Do they want to go elsewhere instead? I sure doubt it! The answer is no

But for most of them women are all sort of it!

Deceivers, heart breakers, liars, gold diggers, killers, THE DEVIL...haha

Oh my! That is so sad...why close your heart to woman? They are not perfect

but worth the try..well some of them are atleast even if they are hard to find


Truth is woman means manipulation. YES i said it! This is all you need to know

There ain't no secret anywhere, no holy book that explains no and no

Manipulation is in our genes; sometimes it's loving, most of times evil

All you have to do is pick the right card and you are happy for life

Do not question why it is so...because that question do not even have an answer

Of course true love can be found, then again manipulation has to die

And it takes one brave man to kill manipulation and awake love in a woman

Are you ready for that journey gentlemen? I bet you aren't haha..well I am!

But have no choice, be a man, get on a boat and take that journey..


Downtown by night Posted on May 27, 2013 at 10:13 AM
This evening i lived one of the deepest minutes i ever experienced in my life It completeley changed a whole side of me. the deepest dark of me was touched. I could feel where i was at that point of my life, and where i was heading to, if changes weren't made - nowhere. It Happened while i was doing a "downtown by night". Now what is so special about that! You'll probably ask me? My answer is: it made me regret, profoundly - i don't always! it made me sad,abundently - the feeling betrays! it made me think,alarmingly - i have no more time for delays! it made me cry,heavily - my cheeks were like floodways! it made me realise,slowly - that it's never too late, he says! it made me hope, awesomly - what's going on today? i gave up on yesterdays! it made me smile,beatifically - welcome hard work days! But above it all, the most expensive gift one could give me was to believe in me.. And it all happened on a drive thru the " downtown by night ".
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Talking to myself like a man should do to me Posted on May 24, 2013 at 08:16 PM

I lie down here Thinking

Thinking of brown eyes

Oh how many pairs there must be

How many billions or trillions I've seen

So why are yours different?

Yes, why are yours different?

The only pair I can't look away from

The only pair that looks at me the way they do

Why do you hide them when I try to stare deep

Why can't you realise they are the only two I see

Yes there are brown eyes everywhere in this world

But this person has my brown eyes

The only two I need.




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I'm my only friend Posted on May 17, 2013 at 02:23 PM

I've got so many friends

But I'm my only friend

Don't look for me

Oh why worry about me

I've got all I need, me

Do you think I'm prideful?

I've got so many friends

I don't care how many

I'm my only friend

I'll be there for you

I can even help you

But don't worry for me

I don't wanna count on men

I'm my only friend

I love the lonely road

I've got my bible in my hand

If I ever feel alone

I'll talk to my friend

Yes, I'll talk to me

I'm my only friend...

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Ordinary controversy Posted on May 13, 2013 at 11:02 AM

The world works with a giant ticking clock

There ain't no time to waste, tic tac tic tac

Don't you hear the sound calling, It's morning!

No bed to last on for another second, arise!

The universe awaits for your contribution

Bills have to be paid, mouths to be fed

Businesses to be succesful and money to flow


And it was what they all got on their minds

The ordinary people in  their sphere of gloom

Some are endlessy craving riches of the world

Others wanting to be known as great personalities

Millions are born everyday, schools produce them

Society strikes them with continuous pressure


And there's us, the different souls

A very few rebelling for freedom

We are called the no ordinary people

seeking everlasting happiness and love

Maybe a bag full of chocolate too

And in case you haven't yet noticed

Happiness means riches and fame to us

And love conquers all greatness ever seen


We wouldn't have to care about riches

Neither recognition all over the world

We got it all and we are the no ordinary kids

The father gave us as a gift to humanity

To remind you all that vanity is ceasing and futil

After all earth was never our last destination

Think about it the next time you wake up

Tic tac tic tac the clock is ticking, do you hear?

Ordinary or no ordinary - Where do you belong?





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