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Did I handle it wrong? Posted on Jan 11, 2010 at 07:27 PM

I really didn't want to discuss my new relationship on here but something happened last night and I need some feedback from you all.


I have been dating a male nurse, he is from the Phillipines and he seems to be really into me.  He is also in the Navy Reserves and just spent his weekend there and we had planned for him to come for dinner (yes, I DO cook sometimes).  He loved my cooking and I told him he could shower here and get comfortable so we could watch  movies.


As he was  coming out of the bathroom his cellphone rang and he proceeded to speak in his language.  He was speaking to a female and when she heard my voice she asked him who I was and he said a friend, then he said American.  At this point I got up and washed the dishes and sat back down, not on the sofa with him but at my computer desk.  He could see that I was upset so he told her he had to go.  I knew of her because he had told me a while ago that he grew up with her, she now lives in Spring Hills (5 hours away from here).  She is married but called him from the Phillipines because she had no one to pick her up from the airport oncef she got back.  He told her he was working that night.  Did she expect him to drive 5 hours to pick her up from the airport?


As I told him, my anger was because he spoke to her in his native language, she is capable of understanding english and even speaking it.  I told him I found him to be extremely rude to carry on a conversation in front of me, in my house in a language that was unknown to me.  I also asked him to leave since he had ruined my mood.


If this had happened to you with a guy/girl you were dating would you have found this to be rude behaviour?  So I guess it's over but I had to say how I felt.  How would you have handled it?