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Posted on Oct 01, 2007 at 03:52 AM

I received the Hep B vaccine series as a condition of employment in healthcare at age 19. Diagnosis is Chronic Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis and Autoimmunity due to a reaction of the hepatitis B capsular antigen. I was a happy, healthy, and hard-working girl - on my way to med school. Now I'm brain damaged, in pain that is both severe and chronic (despite very high dose opiate prescription), debilitated to the point that I am completely disabled and homebound. As I cannot handle even my own most basic physical needs, I will certainly never be able to be a mother. I was denied coverage through the VICP, so add poverty to the list of my ails caused by the Hep B vaccine. It's been thirteen years like this. I???ve seen some of the best specialists in the country ??? Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, etc. ??? no one has been able to help me. 20,512 10:30 pm PDT, Sep 30 Michelle K. Staley Kansas ************************************************************ My son contracted regressive autism after severe reactions to the Chicken Pox and MMR vaccines. Why doesn't the CDC list the ingredients to these vaccines? Most parents would be shocked to know these so-called safe vaccines contain aluminum and formaldehyde not to mention the live viruses which can shut down an infant's developing immune system. 20,510 9:36 pm PDT, Sep 30 Anonymous Connecticut ********************************** Yes I have CIDP from the Hepatitis B vaccine. Even though the HHS and claimed it could not have been the vaccine because my reaction happened "too soon after", I know I was healthy before. We need to continue to fight four our freedom of information rights and info on whay Drs. are getting paid for grants etc related to the FDA, CDC and NIH, and HHS 20,509 8:17 pm PDT, Sep 30 REBECCA S KELLER New Mexico ********************************** MUST I GO ON???! IT'S OBVIOUS THAT THE BIG 'PHARMA'IS THE HEAD OF THIS GENOCIDE HAPPENING IN AMERICA.....WAKE UP AND PR...

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Protect, don't inject! Jeanine
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