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Beautiful 4th Concert! Posted on Fri, Jul 02, 2010 00:00

Hello Everyone,

I wish each person on this site and all the other sites in the US a very Happy and Safe Fourth of July.   

Went to a band concert last night in a very small Maine town.   The band numbered about 30 players and had a conductor that is almost blind.    He was wonderful to watch as a conductor.    His players were with him all the way.   He was excellent with his humor and witty sayings between songs.   (Small town America at it's best!)

They ended this concert with patriotic songs.    One was the 'Armed Forces March' which included all the branches of service.    The conductors wife gave all of us vets a good sized American flag.    When our service song was played, we were to stand up and wave our flag.    It was a great feeling in the hall with about 100 or so listening and many, many standing up.

They ended, of course, with 'The Stars and Stripes Forever March'!    It was a grand ending for a great night of playing.    The concert was 2 hours long with a 15 minute intermission.    

It is moments like that which bring me back to reality and I realize what a wonderful world we are fortunate to live in.    

God bless America and all of you,


PS     Thank you for getting this far.   It was a very moving experience  and I hope you got that thru my humble attempt to portray it to you!      J