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Posted on Mon, Dec 10, 2012 13:48

The champagne brand Moët & Chandon has a new brand ambassador, which until now was kept a big secret: Roger Federer. If someone commits to be a so-called brand ambassador, a famous name who represents a brand with his face as a communicator, could always be a tricky thing. No one knows whether a star who is loved by all and is distinguished by impeccable behavior, could not the next moment land a flop or involve a scandal – something that could bring the brand instant damage, not benefits.


That the champagne brand Moët & Chandon at the launch of their new face up to today’s
announcement kept a little secret matches the sensitivity with which the subject of brand
ambassadors must be addressed.

Born brand ambassadors
There are celebrities who are better, and some that are worse as a brand ambassador.
Difficult are pop stars or famous Hollywood actors. Moët & Chandon champagne ventured
in 2009 to experiment on the Hollywood face of Scarlet Johansson an actress who is famous
for her beauty and talent, but was not exactly true to handle easily.

Easier, however, for example, are classical musicians (such as are used by Mont Blanc)
or athletes (Typical brand ambassador for watch brands like Rolex) The problem with the
latter, however, is unfortunately often the case that they lack that aura of sex, glamour and beauty, which stars typically bring with them.



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Posted on Mon, Dec 17, 2012 06:43

This is a complicated relationship because Federer being a sports person, in my opinion, he should not endorse alcohol.As for the brand's choice they did very well, Federer is a good looking man, he is Swiss perfect neutrality and diplomacy.I guess all in all is a great way to clean up the Brand's name and promote with a younger, healthy and classy generation.

Look what the uncalled "promotion "of Cristal did to it. Now Cristal is best know for being the "rappers" drink of  choice. yikes.


Duke can you please post a blog about social life in Germay and where are the best spots to visit???

thank you


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