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My last blog Posted on Nov 25, 2007 at 10:23 AM
this is my final blog ...for my membership is done after x-mas ...I've been on here 2 yrs . I found this website by accident ,when I closed it out I kept hitting so after the third time I joined. fate told me I'd find what I was looking for and I still believe it but he will now have to find me for I will leave my profile but I won't be on since I've been on I've been contacted by scammers, boys old enough to be my son and grandson, guys wanting nothing more than my body. then I joined blogland I've found drama, green-eyed-monsters and yes a friend or two. I've learned that love comes from the heart and soul, so photos and profiles mean very little. In fact it kind of reminds me of shopping , all you do is pick someting off the shelf then take it home if it doesn't fit or you don't like it just throw it away!!!!!! it's that simple. Then there are cliques and no one is allowed in except those who belong HEY I can walk out my door and find that I don't need to pay for it since I believe love comes from the heart and soul ...I'll take my chances out in the real world where I can show my heart and soul and wear it proudly; as for my man he will find me I don't need to go looking for him.....for I will reveal myself in my beautiful eyes, my laughter, the real me ; the one no one in cyber space sees as for blogland it has been a wonderful place to find yourself and some friends as well as learn about people. Blogland has brought back a part of me I lost my poetry and some of the blogs and people have inspired me to those I thank you for it. as for those ladies??? or should I say girls who have emailed me and responded to my blog response about trying to take away their "man". All I was doing was responding to a blog , I never said I was or wanted that man. So keep him and I hope your happy , for I do not believe in "taking" what does not belong to me nor do I want someone I have to "chase" after so thanks to all of you who have been there for me. Those who have my contact info ( e-mail address and phone #) know how to contact me. Good luck to those still looking for Mr. or Ms right and a special thanks to those who have been there for me
Dark or Light?? Posted on Nov 22, 2007 at 08:15 AM
Have you lived in the dark? have you lived in the light? have you been in both places? if one was in the dark would they stay or look for the light.....once in the light would one stay or fall back into darkness if one was teetering on the brink of both which way would they fall?? Both run deep and I'm sure most have been in one place or the other or even both ...if in the dark would it hold tight and blind the light?? could the light shine through and rescue many people have fallen and had the strength to pick themselves back up, brushed themselves off and continued on...but what about those who can't or won't....if a friend fell and you extended a hand and they refused it what would you do? could you stand and watch them struggle....since no one can force you to do anything and they are so deep in the dark they can't find the light and you know that no one can help them but them for it starts with them; they need to see that they are in need before they can be helped ....for help starts with the one in need....again could you stand by and watch them fall further or struggle against the tide and drown yes I hknow someone in this position and have extended a hand but it was refused and it's not easy watching from the sidelines as they fall deeper ...they have been there before and evidently didn't learn anything, so all I can do is sit and wait to see if they extend that hand for help, but being one who has a very good and deep heart I find my heart breaking over this whole thing and may have to walk away before I get drawn in too deep
Fairy Tales( for you RG) Posted on Sep 26, 2007 at 10:38 AM
With all the negative and bad going on here I felt compelled to do some fairy tales....for I abhor all the bad, name calling, childish things (what ever you want to call it)and hatred...for we are adults not children ( tho I could stand corrected) fairies with their wands create very special bonds for lies are like flies For they fly for a while and are gone leaving a smile for positive is in let's see that grin so lets use some pixie dust and build up some trust bring back some more good keep positive going if we could so someone please spread some pixie dust around blog land....keep it simple,good,funny and positive.....make up some fairy tales to bring humor back RG- I'm counting on you especially my friend queen - I could also use your story telling skills any one else who wishes to volunteer a story please feel free keep it positive, humorus or silly please forgive any mistakes spell-check doesn't work
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TO MY MM FRIENDS Posted on Aug 14, 2007 at 07:11 AM
you are dear friends in deed you've been there in time of need when I needed advice you all were nice for I called upon you when I felt blue you were all there for you I really care someday I hope to return the favor for our friendship I do savor you all know who you are you've been there by far for I must confess without you I'd be a mess So I wish to thank you all if needed don't hesitate to call
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Phantom of the opera Posted on Jun 24, 2007 at 06:39 AM
did any one see it? I saw it for the first time on TV last nite for three hours ...I thought it was a very beautiful think that someone could have love that powerful and to be loved by two people at the same time....and what those men did to win her love ...I could really go on I found it so good ...sorry I did see it was so pwerful
Modern Day Alladin???? Posted on Jun 22, 2007 at 02:36 PM
Deep down in a cool, damp cave looking for hidden treasure. Working through all the dust and dirt ..getting dirtier and dirtier about ready to give up when you notice something in the corner of your eye. Walking towards it you start brushing away the dirt and find an object. Slowly you lift it from the dust and take a good look at it..with all the dirt it doesn't look like much so you gently blow some of the dust away..looking at it it has a very odd shape as you look closer you see what looks like some shiny objects protruding out of it could it be jewels??? you put it back in the sack your carrying and go a little further not finding anything and getting tired you find a place a sit down. contemplating whether to clean that object off or not.. Curiosity gets the better of you so you take it out and look at it for a while . After what seems like forever you decide to try and clean it up the best you can ...wondering if those are jewels or not; hoping to get a better look at the object You get out a rag and start to clean it up, as you are rubbing the object and putrusions you discover they are jewels the best looking diamonds, rubies, and emeralds you ever seen. Now thinking of how much they woill be worth you are startled by the smoke coming out of the spout. As the smoke clears this strange looking man sittinng cross legged with his arms folded is staring at you...for what seems like a very long time. then he says ( and yes folks you know what he is about to say "your wish is my command. I am the genie in this bottle and you have three wishes I will grant you. So choose wisely" so you take time to think what do I really want. do I go with the sensable wish or do I go with the greedy wish. So you say oh H*** I'll go greedy. So for the first wish you ask for your dream car.. the genie nows says "your wish has been granted". looking around you don't see anything so you figure ok a bunch of BS, so for the second wish you ask for your dream home, again the genie says "your wish has been granted" . Looking around again you see nothing but the cave you've been sitting in and nothing more, so for the third wish ( you get more greedier) you ask for riches beyond your belief, again the genie says " your wish has been granted" now the genie has granted supposedly all your wishes he starts to turn back into the smoke from whence he came...catching him before he vanishes you shout "stop" he stops and you ask where is your so called wishes. The genie replies they will be at this address; looking at the adress you find it to be the empty lot you were dreaming of buiulding your dream home on.... now you leave the cave, object in hand and find your self standing in front of your dream home and car you wished for. Appearing in your hand is a bank statement your balance is bigger than you've ever dreamed.......after looking at iot for what seems like eternity the balance now shifts to a lesser number....mad you sommon the genie again asking why the change.....with out saying anything you see a puff of smoke and hear a "poof" sound and lo and behold three men are standing in front of you dressed in suits. Puzzled you look at the genie as he shruggs his shoulders he says as they show thier id's the IRS... yes folks only in america can your fairy tale be "poofed" by UNCLE SAM!!!!!!
DREAMS Posted on Jun 04, 2007 at 02:44 PM
I had a very interesting conversation this week end .... the subjects of dreams came up, and I was asked what mine were so I preceded to tell them ....well beside the crazy looks I got they thought I was nuts!!!!, for no one there believed in dreams... I got responses like they are a waste of time; there are now such things etc.... am I the only one who believes they are real and can be accomplished with life, luck trying, pure ingenuity?? Isn't that what life is all about dreams??? with out dreams are there really any futures??? Does one just exist???? I welcome any comments or thoughts
in need of advise Posted on May 27, 2007 at 02:09 PM
I'll be flying to Mass soon and would like to know if they changed the rules on what NOT to pack.....nail files, razors, metal objects etc if anyone will be in the area between 7/3 to 7/12 and would like to meet for coffee, soda etc email me
stop seeking:you shall find a true love Posted on May 25, 2007 at 10:56 AM
staying in a bad relationship or trying to fix yourself will impede path to 'perfect,' accepting person A lot of us seem to be constantly searching for that "perferct" person who will make our lives complete. Many would rather be in a relationship than be on their own, just to be with someone. There's unspoken expectation in our society to not be single. People will just assume you have a significatant other, and if you don't, will ask you, "why not?" (or not say anything and fel sorry for you). Maybe you can just chalk it up to human nature. Ever sinc Adam and Eve, we werte meant to partner off in life, so it is within all of us. However, it seems that what people are willing to do to attain love has gotten outof hand. Some use their sexuality, others lie to make themselves appear more appealing, and some give up thier self-respect. The key is to find the one who will love you for who you are. We muist never change for someone else. We often try to over analyze ourselves and pick apart what we do "wrong" and what we need to "fix" about ourselves in order to gain love or attention we desire. No matter how much you want a relationship and to be convinced that a certain person is truely the one. If only__________.Don't try to fill inthe blank. Instead, you will meeet someone else who will fill that need (as will that person you are trying to mold). But you won't see it coming if you've tied yourself to a less-than-fulfilling relationship. The pressure to love is something that will always be. It's a good pressureand a bad one, a gift and a curse. But if we keep our eyes on the prize, our hearts and mouths full of truth and our arms open to possibilities, we will be OK in the end. an article I found in the paper. I believe it is true. any comments??
rules that never get old Posted on May 21, 2007 at 03:51 PM
found this in the paper thought you might get a kick out of it....enjoy11 FOR GUYS remember that just becuase you've been dating someone for a couple of years doesn't mean it's ok to: 1) Hit on your girlfriend's best friend, thinking there may be a thresome in the equation. Unless you're talking Yahtzee; then knock your self out. 2) Tell your girlfriend what you really think of her best friend. Because if this becomes an either-or situation, the galpal probably won't be the one dining alone next Saturday night on beef jerky and Jagermeister. (Although with a dash of tabasco? not bad) 3) Exert maximum force when ridding the body of excess gaseous material, even though, yes, it's totally impressive and satisfing. But not to her. Not then, not now,not 10 years from now. 4) Adopt a standard weekenduniform of sweatpants, alma mater sweatshirt and unshaven stubble. Because, Sport, a little effort goes a long way. FOR WOMEN remember that just because you've been dating for a couple of years doesn't mean it's ok to: 1) Assume he has lost interest in the team he's been following since his dad painted him purple and gold for a vikings playoff game as a toddler. He might have downplayed it initially, but he'd still rather watch his team than mow the lawn, or rap about his feelings, or do pretty much anything else, except maybe express his love for you in a special and intimate way. During halftime at least. 2) Assume his interest in special, intimate acts of love has diminished. It hasn't. 3)Throw out those boxes of unknown significance he's been schelpping around for three moves. Because you just never know when the Beanie Baby craze will kick back in again' 4) Adopt a standard weekend uniform of sweatpants, alma mater sweatshirt and an unshaven stubble. Because, Sweetie, a little effort goes a long way.
mother's day Posted on May 12, 2007 at 03:30 PM
the love you receive on Mother's day will hold a special part in your heart loved ones treat you in a special way it's a day you can't wait to start Mothers all the love you are giving and the times you thought you weren't strong you know your life is really worth living and that you were very rarely wrong so this day was specially made for you sit and let your thoughts and dreams flow on this day do what you always wanted to do cause it'll be over before you know as I am watching the sky above I wish to say in a very special way and to give you all my love I wish you a very happy MOTHER'S DAY!! to all moms HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY
love Posted on May 04, 2007 at 07:18 AM
love is in the air it is not always fair souls run deep and don't come cheap it's in the soul and heart and it should never part will you be the one let's try and have some fun friendship is where it begins so give me your best grin our eyes should shine for we'll be just fine will it be forever or will it be never will we be one or two it should be true for if I love it comes from above say I'm yours it'll open doors
photos Posted on May 04, 2007 at 06:02 AM
why is everyone hooked on photos profiles no photo no talk.. not interested.... are you looking for love or trophies??? do you need to see something that might scare you away???? there are plenty of good reasons for not posting photos 1) stalkers 2) they don't do a person justice not many look as good in photos as in person 3) they add or take away weight 4) they really don't show the best feature of a person ( the brain and heart) and yes I've sent plenty out and scared a lot of people away one asked to meet and I sent a photo and he never got back ...then he tried a second time and again the same I guess that wart on my nose looks worst than I thought LOL any comments
TO ALL BLOGGERS!!!!! Posted on Apr 04, 2007 at 11:37 AM
the day is bright and sunny here comes the Easter bunny scurrying & hopping around to hide eggs over the ground pinks, yellows,blues & green some hidden some seen children looking behind trees sometimes finding them in threes play hide'n' seek trying not to peek I found one here I found one there one is near the other is where?? HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE!
ode to Mr. Blogger Posted on Mar 30, 2007 at 03:30 PM
he's very bold yet worth his weight in gold he's one of a kind he's a very good find he will lure you in with just a grin he just may be a tease just to put you at ease so get off that log & welcome to his blog he's the one and only so you won't feel lonely introducing our own for he is well known EVERYONE WELCOME TO BLOGLAND AND OUR OWN MR.BLOGGER!!!!! please visit COME AND SAY HELLO TO THE BLOGS======DON'T BE SHY by Mr. Blogger himself!!!!