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Debates are a good thing... Posted on May 17, 2008 at 03:38 PM
In the grand scheme of things...If we all thought alike, this world would be quite boring, and very slow to progress. It's the gene pool of creative minds, that brings about change and the increase in productivity. The banter that follows oftentimes, is not for the meek, yet gainful insight and productive reasoning, often follows. The trick is to debate without debasing, your opponent or their beliefs... Which for me sometimes...LOL is a work in progress... ; ) But my purpose of my blogs and comments, has always... ONLY BEEN, to enlighten, or to console or help. If I crossed that line, I apologize... But keep an open mind when unique people cross your path.. and express their ideas... Greatness can bloom in the oddest places... and who wouldn't want to be on that bandwagon. I only want the best, for all of you... even you... Polygamist LOL. You all... " Take care now~ " : ) Angelface ~
BLUNT ... HONESTY Posted on May 08, 2008 at 02:38 PM
Imagine a world, where no one lies... No pat answers, or appropriate comments... No calculating sweet stories, to befriend someone... only to berate them later, to others... No dating this guy, and pronouncing your love, until that better guy, comes along... And gals, you need to become better acquainted... with the word friend. Good friends are forever... Good friends, are supportive, are there to listen to you when you're down, stand by you, and put you back up on your feet... if someone knocks you down. Defends you to others... Yes, they have other friends too~ And sincerely... wants to see good things happen for you. But Good Luck finding them ... Especially, if you have been blessed with good looks and wealth. That puts you in a unique, lonely category. Not so much with you men... I applaud you... other than an occasional smart alec fun remark.. LOL You guys have integrity, and don't backstab each other. This does not include those sweet women, you know who you are, that have been nothing but kind, to me... But... don't you wish the whole world was that way ? Alice in Wonderland...that's me ~ LOL. But I think they call that... " HEAVEN." Will I see YOU... there ? Your thoughts... ???
A PATRIOT'S DUTY ? Posted on Feb 28, 2008 at 01:27 PM
It seems, we are faced with a bit of a conundrum, in our country. Those passionate anti-war disciples, like myself, LOL, feel a bit of frustration, when we had so hoped this war would have been over by now, and it seems is now perhaps, going to be a long road home, for our soldiers... Yet, our patriotic duty, as law abiding citizens, is to respect the wishes of our governing body, since they were elected by due process, and if they determine the Patriot Act, is necessary, to defend us against terrorists, our opinions should be secondary; and should we feel strongly opposed to this, there are proper channels, and participation in the political arena, might be something for one to consider... This next election will be crucial, to the direction our country will go in the future. We should as good citizens vote our conscience, and for better or worse, we choose our candidates... and according to the end result, I think we should either support, the choice of our democratic process, or choose another country, in which to live~ Why so important, versus our 1st ammendment rights ? We need Peace... within our country, number one... because a house divided, will soon fall... GOD BLESS AMERICA ~ I welcome, all your comments... ; )
VISION & OUR FUTURE Posted on May 14, 2007 at 06:26 PM
Visionary lover... Thank you for all your postings.. You have made all the people of MM, more aware of Global Warming, our relationship perhaps, with other Galaxies, and our DREAMS... If someone had told my Grandfather, when he was a young boy, someday, I am going to grow up, and walk on the Moon... That kid would be a definate candidate for future therapy... If we DARE NOT TO DREAM, our progress as a People, Nation, World STOPS... progressing. Dreams are the seeds, to future SUCCESS.. They only need to be nurtured and developed... Everyone of us, is capable of Great things.. When, are dreams are allowed to bloom... Stop poisoning the environment, with cynicism, pollutants, and hurtful comments... Bring Positive, beautiful rays, of Hope & Love, for our beautiful Earth, our Nation, and above all, Our Fellow Man... Let all.. our Good sides, we All have them, SHINE !!!... to Glorify God's finest Creation... OUR FELLOW MAN ... He's not heavy, He's my Brother... ~ PEACE ~
PEACE IN IRAQ, ? What is the 700 billion dollar answer ? Posted on Mar 20, 2007 at 01:28 AM
Ever since Cain killed Abel, there has been war. Greed, Jealousy, lack of Respect, lack of Compassion. Lack of Tolerance. These are the precursors of war. The Bible , The Quran, both promote Peace, so how can two nations whose main religions are peaceful, become so hostile, unwavering, and unforgiving ... We are all God's children.. If we all lived our religion, there would be, " NO WARS " !!! I would love to hear from people of ALL Nations !!! Now.. 700 BILLION DOLLAR ANSWER ?
Money, Sometimes... Makes Life More Difficult ! Posted on Oct 03, 2006 at 09:08 PM
OK, this may sound CRAZY, to some... But to all of you that have grown up really wealthy, you know exactly what I'm talking about... Initiative, is very hard to come by. Everyone asks, Why do you work ? Then, life seems so pointless, you shop relentlessly, looking for that one thing, that gives you that feel good rush... but only to find that fades only too quickly, and then you're off in search of it again. No, I'm not referring to drugs, but to some, Money is a drug... And, you can lose your family over it, don't let them learn to live, without you... seeing their ballgames or special events in their lives...or Someday, when you can make it, you may not get invited. And then there are your kids... Of course, they have had nothing but the best, But, Do they appreciate anything ??? or are they just a chip off the old block, sitting in their frustration, wondering what game to buy next, not appreciating what's right in front of them... What are the answers ??? For me, It was God... but he did carry me a bit of the way... I was lost, and now... I am found! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Angelface 10