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Posted on Sat, Mar 01, 2014 07:41 AM


That’s what we all want! Well, maybe not the glass slipper and the part about being a little girl turning into a princess part, but the base meaning of this, yes! But some of us are called hypocrites and a$$holes for knowing what it is we want, or at least a facsimile of it.” Life is a choice.” Yes it is, but I don’t think you chose love. You can choose to seek it out, but ultimately it’s something that has to choose you as much as you choosing it. I have full confidence that you’ll find this true love as long as you’re not hypnotized by the smooth talking users that usually pass off as the strong confidant border-ling on cocky type that you’re looking for. Meanwhile I’ll keep searching out my happily ever after as well.

Sincerely: Your Token Fat Kid (Cracked but not broke)

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This is your writing found. #YourfavoriteRooster THE LIFE YOU LIVE IS A CHOICE

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