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Posted on Dec 26, 2012 at 07:18 AM

Somewhere in BFE


“A postcard Christmas :) Bob Marley is singing in the background here, as we are just about ready to sit down to a feast. The group is eclectic from the man with tats up his throat, to the preppy Asian chicks, one of which is sporting a navy blue letterman jacket. She has on thigh high leather boots the color of caramel. Her lips are a deep red which makes her smile a Colgate commercial, the white is a dazzling contrast. Dinner at my brother’s house somewhere in BFE…”


I sent the text and shut off my phone. I was at last settling into the spirit of Christmas all the while realizing that the only damper on the evening had been my attitude. Even my attire was lackluster and I felt somehow guilty that I hadn’t made the effort when everyone else present clearly had. 


“That color looks amazing on you and OH MY GOODNESS how awesome are your boots!!! I feel like an under-dressed bum...” I said turning to Katie’s sister who was nestled next to the tattooed man.


She kicked up her foot and turned her ankle so I could see the boot in its entirety. They were neatly tailored with minimalist detail, the hide two variances of grey each of which played off each other in compliment. 


"You came wearing your eating clothes," she said while eyeing my yoga pants. "There aint nothin' wrong with that girl. It's Christmas."




This story is still a work in progress in that it is being written, currently. It is 6:12 am on Wednesday December 26th, 2012. I intend to write a book someday and perhaps the excerpt above will be among the pages. I can’t picture the outline which I do believe is where one should start if they intend to write a novel. Questions should be asked like, “What is the point of your story, the message?” “Who is your intended audience?” “How will you organize the content?” 


My highest level of education was primary school, though I did attend some college. I grew up yearning to be smart, mostly to hide my intrinsic awkwardness. I was an excessively hyper child, kind of like a cheerleader in a library filled with nuns. The stupidest sh*t comes out of mouth because I think out loud unless I am quiet. It took me years to learn tact, but the lesson once received, poignantly graceful. I enjoy the elegance of quiet and still. 


It is 6:36 am. I am not often quiet, nor still. My white rabbit has already invited me to chase this day and I doubt I will have time to linger on yesterday, which was Christmas. Today will be business as usual and I have one to run; a photography business. A couple called me on Christmas day to share the news that they had just had their second child, a son I do believe. I have worked with them before, photographing their first. I look forward to seeing them again in celebration of a new life to bring in the new year just short of Christmas, if not born on the day. I will have to ask them about the actual date, though a baby is a gift to any day. Today I will be working on my new pricelist for 2013 and I will be putting together the network of core values that I want for my business. I have the unique opportunity to rebuild and restructure my life, which is business, and the outline of that is where I will start. 


“How will you organize the content?”


Chapter ONE: How I intend to make money….


Questions asked:

“How much money do I want to make?”

“How much do I want to work?”

“How much do I need to live comfortably?”

“How much are those BOOTS!!!! I want a pair!!!”






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The Life You Live is a CHOICE- I choose HAPPY :)
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