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Posted on Dec 17, 2012 at 09:05 AM


The image at the bottom of the page was taken in a series meant to be a gift. A gift for grandma who I hope and pray doesn't have facebook because my post there was kind of a spolier. Pictures are a wonderful gift. So are memories and I would like to tell you a little bit about Edi Kimball, the beautiful blond in the photo. This blog is my gift to her and a tribute in gratitude. I am very thankful that she is in my life and th

at she is working so hard to make hers better.

“Death is often a welcome relief to those that suffer a lack of quality.” (Amber Garibay)

Edi Kimball became both a friend and a client after reading my blog. She first contacted me to offer me her pants because I had lost so much weight that I no longer fit mine and she had gained so much that she no longer fit hers. I told her to keep her pants because she would be back in them SOON. She was going to lose the weight and I would help. 

Edi has lost well over thirty pounds now and she makes me proud everyday because she continues to work at it. She is studying medicine and the stress and demands of her schooling often negate her fitness goals. I am the gentle reminder that her health should always come first but then she knows that because Edi is going to be a doctor someday and doctors are smart as hell ;) 

Both of my parents can hardly walk and they are not yet sixty. They are broken to the point of wishing for anything that will bring them peace, sometimes even death. Doctors can not fix their life choices. There is a point of no return, but we don’t need to get there. I look at my parents and wonder if their lives can be saved. I imagine them getting fired up like “Rocky” training for his big fight. What if my dad stopped smoking two packs a day and started eating clean while working out; could the damage of forty years be undone enough for him to have a quality of life? 

The Life You Live is a CHOICE

I promised my dad that I would work out for him because he doesn’t want to see me suffer. I think about him as I drag my “tired” ass to the gym knowing that he is out there somewhere laying tile with a broken back. My dad owns a small tile and marble company which is actually to say that he is the only one who works there. His business partner and lifetime friend is currently dying and as of two months ago completely unable to work. COPD has taken all but 20% of his lung function. Still he reaches for his cigarettes….

I tell my dad that I am going to make $10 million dollars and when I do I am going to pay for the surgery he needs. The one that will make him miraculously well just as depression can be cured by a pill. I see my parents as my potential and as much as it pains me to watch what has come to pass they are the will that keeps me striving to be the best. I want to end my life running, always in motion. I want to be the change I can not give them by living the example I set for her, my own daughter. I write because I know that people relate and that most of us long for some sort of change. People are notoriously restless and striving. 

Edi Kimball is changing her life and it makes me smile to know that I am a part of that while she does the hard work. She told me of her own family and the medical history is quite alarming and short lived. Hers will not be that way because she wants different. She wants change. 

The Life You Live is a CHOICE. I choose to live a life of quality and that starts in the gym :) I am heading there NOW dammit!!!





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The Life You Live is a CHOICE- I choose HAPPY :)
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