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Posted on May 24, 2006 at 07:37 PM

I always dread signing up to a new internet site, for one simple reason: the box marked "username." How do I come up with 6-20 characters that say something about me? Something other than "my god, she's tragic?" This time it was a little easier, but only because I'm a closet maths nerd. A friend of mine recently asked me to work out how many miles an hour I travel. That might sound weird, but as a globe-trotting writer living between two countries and visiting as many others as I can in between, I have a reputation for always being on the move. So I worked it out. How many miles is it between Sydney and London? Los Angeles and Prague? All the other places I've ended up in over the past year? My grand total: 230,388 miles in 12 months. That means I move at 26.3 miles an hour... enough to make me want to unpack my bags and stay put for a while, actually. So how many miles an hour do you travel at? Add all your air travel, the mileage on your car, and if you're a fitness junkie like me add your running miles. If you can beat me, I'll be thrilled (and horrified that someone else wastes as much of their life in airport lounges as I do.) So that's my username, always moving. Now for the next question... how does a girl who moves at 26.3 miles an hour find love?

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