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No sleep... 18 Views 08/15/06
uih, what a night! the neighbours have been playin loud music/radio ALL night, and that kept me awaike most of the dark hours... Now I'm tired, but in a cheer mood, anyway. Good morning everybody out there! With these words I will also send a smile to 'ya all :-)
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Music is wonderful 8 Views 08/12/06
Always has music been my greatest passion. I LOVE listening to music that touches my soul, makes me dance, makes me smile or cry... and music I just cannot help singing along with. I know tons of lyrics by heart, but I cannot play no instrument. I would like to though... well at least is my voice allright. Not opera or breaking-glass-tones... just singing joyfully and with a soul in the melody. This is me goin' weird by listening to Lou Reed with my headphones...
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