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  • Mexican Culture - Traditions: Day of the death.
  • This is a very significant and happy party. Mexico is the product of the sincretism of two cultures: mexican indigenous[Mexica, Maya, Pur?pecha, N?huatl y totonaca] and spanish. This is a party to wellcome the souls of our deceased beloved ones. The sincretism it can be found in the elements that make the altar to receive the souls. There are elements of the indgenous like the colors purple and orange that were the mouring colors, the orange flowers called El Cempas?chil, Copal resin..
  • ?En que te ofendo, cuando solo intento poner bellezas en mi entendimiento y no mi entendimiento en las bellezas? -Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. Xocoatl
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Mexican Culture - Cooking - chocolate, flowers and insects.. Posted on Oct 26, 2009 at 11:56 AM
Mexican cuisine is very diverse. In the same state you could have the north version of tone dish. One of the interesting things in Mexico is that cactus are eaten like salad, main dish, in vinegar, candy or ice cream; it is also used for sauces. The properties of some of the cactus is that regulate the sugar level in the blood, provides rich fiber for stimulate the digestion and it is rich in vitamins and minerals. There are flowers in the mexican cusine like cabbage flower which is mainly eaten in quesadillas (tortilla and cheese) but there's also a soup. Flower like bugambilia are used to cure sorethroat and like a delicious tea. Flower of hibiscus is mainly used for water of this taste and ice cream, as well as a sauce for chicken. Also there is the use of roses for ice cream, mermelade and sauce for the chicken. Does anybody have read "Como agua para chocolate"? It is a mexican novel that fuses the cooking with the feelings of the main character and her family. It shows part of the magical thinking of Mexico. In Mexico the natural medicine is strongly used in the family, mothers are the guardians of this natural remedies. Even the soul is cured with food ;) there is a strong remedy "Caldito" ( little stock). Even though there are some books called "Caldito de pollo para el alma" (chicken stock for the soul). There is also the film of "Como agua para chocolate" but I strongly recomend to read the book first. Did you know that chocolate has its origins in Nahuatl (indigenous language of Mexico). The word is Xocoatl [Xoco=bitter and Atl=water] meaning bitter water, it was the way it was drinked without sugar. This drink was famous between the Mayanas and Aztecs. After spanish tried the drink they added sugar and milk and their own pronunciation of Xocoatl that is Chocolate. Mole is one of the main dishes in Mexico, it is a sauce made of differen kind of chili, chocolate, banana, tortilla, spices, seeds, chicken stock. There are different kind of Moles in Mexico, it is the green one, the red ones, black one, brown one, the hot one, the sweet one and every region has its own version. This sauce is made to cover the chicken boiled pieces and you eat with rice, beans mainly. Some people also have guacamole (the avocado salad) with it. And tortillas are present in most of the dishes, so you eat it with tortillas. Insects are also a dish of Mexico. There are tacos of locust, tacos or dishes of ant eggs. Chili is present in all dishes eventhough the candies for children have chili and they are the most popular ones. Is interesting how in other countries this candies are sold like joke candy. Does anybody have a recipy tu use the edible rosewater and jazminwater? As far as I understand this comes from arabian culture. But I would like to find a recipy that is something like this: it is kind of hot cake when is oppen half cooked you add the cream (or skin of boiled milk) with sugar, cinnamon and rose water. Then you close the hot cake and keep for 2 more mins. I am interested to find the recipy of the dough, it is similar to hot cakes but I would love to find the original. Wish the best to evey the gourmet lovers ;)
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Mexican Culture - Femenine Brain Posted on Oct 26, 2009 at 10:32 AM
The root of evolution in humanity comes from 2 things the natural abilty to be able to improve ourselves (this means to modify our systems [biological, pshycholgical, emotional, etc.] to adapt ourselves to the new situations and the high capacity to communicate. When you have or create the opportunity to live in a foreign country with an extreme different background you experiment many faces in your mind, soul and body. All this new dimensional cosmovision could be remind as a nice thing or very bad one. One of the examples of the power of communication is this site where people can explore different mind sets to see if they can relate with someone to improve their lifes in different ways: some look for material wellness, others for emotional, other for experimenting new dimensions of life. In this site I have had the chance to read A LOT OF DIFFERENT THINKING WAYS. Few are tolerant and many are on the oppposite side. May people are here to find someone who will submit to their way of thinking and will follow their demands. Others want to explore new ways of living and are more tolerant to the possible different way. What I find interesting is that sometimes there are intolerant comments toward people because of their race arguing about a lower way. Other people are intolerant with the people who are only after money. Few people offer to try to invest in the relationship, few proposals of working to create a succesful, kind, relationship with strong ties. This is really the heart of the reason why most of us are here. According to the books that talk about evolution, humanity evolved in the moment that a secure system was created. In the book "The Female Brain" of Louann Brizendine I was amazed to read how delicated, complicated and astonishing is the human brain beyond all my imagination. Reading this I realize that a new human being will develope better if it is in a secure and protected envioronment. A woman will react more efficently in a secure and protected relationship. There are more possibilities of getting pregnant if the woman feels safe, protected, respected and loved (this is chemical level!). So the universe design has developed a complicated creature called human, thanks to an evolved system. I laughed when I read that some women considered to other ones who were femenine like low quality. The richness is the difference between people and that creates ties. As Dr. Brizendine says you can not modify or create a femenine brain. According to this doctor the intellectual faculties are the same that men just that there are more focus in the survival of its beloved ones and both use different circuits to solve the same problems. Women 11% have more neurons in the area of ear and language, also the hipocampus (formation of emotion and memory) is bigger in women. So there is no surprise why women remember ALL, first date, first kiss, first detail. Also is a weapon against bad memories so hope men will effort to record nice memories in this biological memory set ;) I loved this book because when you see the differences you become more aware and comprehensive to the others. And makes you to look for tools to create a better way of living. So it surprises me that many of the profiles who are looking someone with whom to compete (men or women). I guess that will not bring a successful relationship. Also some profiles have like 5 lines expressing who they are but 20 lines or more of what they are expecting. This keeps me thinking the fair relationship give me your 100% for my 20%. According to the book if we think that in the courtship of the primitive men and women are evolved now, I was surprised to read that according to evolutionists we are in the stone age. It is incredible that the female brain is in a constant stress. It also explains the power of the chemicals liberated while we are holding a person. After 20 mins. of holding a person occitocine is liberated and the circuit of trust is started sealing the the tie. Now I understand why women are more analitic about their mate. The book also says that the emotional pain for a lost love it is registered (with studies of images of the brain)in the same circuits of the physical pain. The tonsil is the centre of fear and anxienty, be aware of it. If the universe intelligence developed the femenine brain the way it is, why society is so intolerant to it? I know there are countries where pink color is associated with low thinking. There was a documental in TV about human genome where I learned all of human kind comes from Africa. So I understand less the race intolerance, cultural intolerance. I wish all this studies will help to reduce intolerance and to improve us all. Is there anyone who can recommend a good book to keep reading about this I will deeply appreciate ;)
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Mexican Culture - The day of death - Dia de muertos Posted on Oct 22, 2009 at 08:15 PM
The mexican culture is the sincretism of two cultures indigenous (Mexica, Maya, Pur?pecha, N?huatl y totonaca) and spanish. It is consider the sincretism because in harmony two cultures do the same action and are join together. The party is to wellcome the souls of our deceased beloved ones. It is a day when they are allowed to come to visit us. It can be done in the cementery or in the house. To let know the soul where the party will be taken you use this elements that are indegenous: decorate in purple and orange (colors of mouring for indegenous), a path made of petals of cempasuchitl (called the 20 flowers), a copalero (a container of clay to burn resin), copal resin; paper cutted in forms to decorate and to represent the wind, the bread in form of skull or bones called "pan de muerto" [death's bread]. the bread represent the bones, the skulls and skeleton candies, the paper cutted with forms that represent the wind, the fire represented by candles taken by spanish. With the cempasuchitl petals you may do a path so the soul knows the way when arrives to earth and to arrive to earth you may light the resin so the smoke tells the soul where to come. The spanish elements are the water that means baptize, the salt represent the sacrament elements, the mirror is for the soul to see itself arriving to its party. In the altar you can have 1 step, or you can have 4 steps (represents the 4 elements and the for directions north, south, east and west) or 7 steps representing the 7 virtues and the 7 capital sins. There are different kind of "Altares" each one has its own symbols but all are made for the same reason.
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