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LOVE FOUND ME - from the strangest place... Posted on Sun, Feb 25, 2007 18:36
Hi there Well tomorrow I shall be deleting my profile - I have found love. Yep! You heard it and from the strangest place. Many, many years ago when I was 17 I went out with a soldier who was on Emergency duty in Gibraltar. We parted company and I ended up in Africa. Anyway - he found out I was back in the UK and single. The rest - is the beginning of a new history. It is as if we were never apart and I love this man with every fibre of my being. And even stranger - I had postponed my trip too South Africa because of illness and HE has tickets to go there to see all the Military Monuments and where the Zulu Wars took place....In the Province I have my home. Fate or ???? So! Too all the people who have been so very kind too me - I thank you! I hope you all find love soon. Take care