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Blog title: Man from OZ (Child at Heart)
Blog description: Blog of an Aussie Entrepreneur!
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First entry, so general description of me. Posted on Sun, May 21, 2006 01:19
I am 21, i live in Adelaide Australia and I am happy every single day!!! Without Fail!!! I am originally from Darwin. A city 3000+ km away from where i live now, my parents still live up in Darwin. I have been living in Adelaide since 1998. Long distance from family... but me and my family are very close! I used to be in IT, and after some success, i moved fields into Health and Fitness, and am now a qualified Personal Trainer. I am about to buy my first Gym in the city of Adelaide. It is a corporate gym and is exclusive to specific companies. I am a very outdoors person, and love being out in the sun, or rain, or even snow, if i get the chance. I love movies, and they are my main "indoor" vice! I love to curl up and watch movies, especially if its with someone special. I am an athlete, and was training for Olympic qualification, but have not trained in some time due to business being quite hectic at the moment. I hope to start again once my gym is established. Last but not least is my love of languages and music, i love to sing, play and write music. And i love to learn languages! And i have listed them together, because i learn languages best when i sing songs from other countries!!! Helps with pronunciation and rhythm!! Any questions you have, regardless of topic. Feel free to ask!!! Cheers, and have an awesome day!! Luke.