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The other night I was visiting some friends, and him and his wife where fighting. After two beers in the garage, he convinced me he had no idea way she is upset. Asked the standard questions, what did you do, not do, say, not say, etc. He had not clue why she was up set. After sitting down with both of them and using my mediation skills, we discovered she was upset he did not buy her a Dr. Pepper at the gas station. THE STORY IS; They were driving home the following night--in the same car. He pulled over to get gas, and before he got out he asked if she wanted something to drink. She said no After paying for the gas he returned to the car drinking a Dr. Pepper. When he stepped into the car drinking his DP, she got upset. He offered to let her have some, and she said no. The next night I was visiting them, and the fight was going on. One of her comments was; she should not has to ask him, he should had just gotten her one. OK PLEASE LADIES--WE ARE MEN A SIMPLE CREATURE THAT BEAT OUR CHEST, SCRATCH OUR HEADS (BOTH OF THEM), WALK UPRIGHT AND LAUGH AT THE STUPID THINGS. If I ask you "do you want something" and you say "No". guess what you are not getting it.
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