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Blog title: Kat's Blog & Rel. Help
Blog description: I have been a marriage counselor since graduating University of Warsaw in Europe. I love helping couples stay together and make decisions together, to have a better relationship in a day to day routine and in the bedroom. Ask me anything, I will do my very best to help you too. I do really care and I never judge people for anything.
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Comment about blog how many lover are too many in one year? Posted on Mon, May 29, 2006 13:13
It takes time to learn to be a love-er. Numbers don't come in to play if you are looking for quality. Every woman is different in the things she likes and how she likes them done. You can't use the same techniques as you did on the last one, sure it will guve her pleasure, but it won't be the ultimate. I don't believe in having lovers, I want only one person who will commit to making me happy, who will take the time to slowly throughout our life together, figure out what makes ME tick. As I will learn about him. You can tell the difference immediately if a man truly loves you. To men... the term "making love" is different than to a woman. To a woman "making love" means putting the effort to making it super romantic, rose petals, candle light, the wine she likes, dancing to romantic music in the arms of the man she loves, having every inch of her body kissed and nibbled on, every inch, her arms, her neck, her back, her legs from toes to inner and outer thighs, her belly, before you get into foreplay, telling her that you love and adore her through out the whole time, telling her the little things you love about her, that, is making love a woman, to a man "making love" means making the extra effort (geez such a to play with her breasts and rub her rose bud with their finger, before they stuff her... lol, I am not saying every man is like that but majority of men are. If a man truly loves you, the things I described is not an effort, it's what he truly wants to do for you, if it isn't from the heart... a woman will sense it immediately. If you want to tell a woman you love her be sure that before you tell her this is how you love her. That you love her enough to love every inch of her body. If she has too many inches to love... don't make her feel bad about it, it won't help. Treat her as you would like her to treat you when you are not in your best form, I don't understand this double standard, but it's reality, men must think they look the same no matter how much inches they have, and I am not talking penis,where as women don't qualify as respectable sexy human beings if they get a few extra ones. So if you want to be/OR HAVE A LOVE-ER make sure you are aware of what a lover is. At least a good lover. It's not about numbers it's about quality. If you want quality, you won't have to worry about(or even consider) questions like this.
Any One In CT belongs to PF Gym? Posted on Mon, Sep 25, 2006 07:05
I am working hard on my body, I signed up for the Planet Fitness Gym and need at least a workout buddy who has the knowledge of propper training techniques. Pls help, I know I have to do it gradually, but I would also like to do it properly, I am tired of my few extra lbs, I want to be a knockout! LOL. Thanks. P.S. If you visit my model profile (link below, pls read my blog) Hugs. Kat
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please rate my model profile, i need more asignments Posted on Mon, Sep 25, 2006 06:57
No, the link was to another site, I know this is not a site to get modeling jobs, I just thought I would ask there people here asking their friends on blogs for many things, MM nutralized, it's OK, I have plenty of assignments now, more than I can handle, thank you for the advice. Hugs. Kat
Comment about blog IF YOU COULD ONLY HAVE THREE THING... Posted on Mon, May 29, 2006 13:15
3 things, hmmm... 1) be kind (good hearted)respectful and polite to me and everyone around him. 2) to have enough money to live comfortably and never worry about the horrid bills, and to be able to get nice clothes. 3) to be clean smell nice know how to dress and have a mustache to sing in the shower, be attentive and loving, to never take me for granted, and appreciate the love I give him, and love back the same way. A man who would give me flowers for no ocassion just because he loves to see me smile, a man who would want me and only me any time of the day or night, who would adore me as I do him. Who would do anything to make me happy, and not just say it, actions speak volumes, words vanish with the wind, That's what I want in my man.
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Comment about blog What makes a person a great LOVER Posted on Thu, May 04, 2006 05:35
Complete and Utter Selflessness, willing to please and satisfy the other, fully, without any bounderies, before you satisfy your self. But the best lover of all, loves your mind and your heart, knows your likes and dislikes, knows what makes you tick, knows you inside out, takes time to get to know you and then every inch of your body, starting with your forhead, eyes, cheeks, nose, lips, chin, neck, kisses your fingers, the inside of your palm, I mean details, showing you that he/she truly LOVES every inch of you, (not just words spoken, but shown through action taken) someone who takes the time to make it romantic, to put you "in-the-mood" someone who is willing to do the little extras in everything, just for you. Through the little things that take so few efforts you give us the world. Not from a book, not from anyone I have spoken to, my own words, from my heart... For I have found such a man, thanks to MM.
Comment about blog How Important is Kissing to YOU???? Posted on Tue, Apr 25, 2006 11:58
A kiss is a prelude, when you kiss someone it supposed to make you tingle from top to bottom, I did meet that person, the minute we saw each other he planted a big one on me and from that moment on I was his. A Kiss with the right person is magical you can feel it in your If you don't feel it, it's not a good sign. Kissing tells you how that person feels about you. It tells you that you are wanted, admired, if the kiss is dry and short, the person is not into you, if it is passionate and takes your breath away... you bet you are what he/she wants. I always thought the kiss should be romantic at the end of the evening, after spending time getting to know each other over dinner, a nice conversation and a walk in the park, holding hands, then he walks you (or drives you) home and kisses you softly, sensually. I never knew an unexpected kiss could be THIS NICE, lol. Kiss is an essential part of romance, there is no teaching someone to kiss. The person you think kisses horrible... maybe a wonderful kisser to another, the key is chemistry. That's my 5 Hugs and Kisses. Kat
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