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How to know if a man is serious or not? Posted on Sat, May 28, 2011 11:27
I've read many articles about how to recognize when a man really wants to have a serious relationship, it seems like men are reading them too. Dating is becoming such a game, everybody is scared to be played so how do you move forward? We've all played someone at some points, and it makes it even harder to trust anyone if we've done it a bit too often. I've dated men who I fully trusted, but when it's over I can't stop but wonder if I was just being played. All my girlfriends come to me for relationship's advice, and honestly I don't even know why. I ended some of my relationships because they felt wrong like dead end, but what if I was wrong. Some men figured if they talk about the future and introduce you to some of their friends that will put your guards down, so they go for it. Too many men fake a relationship just to get moments of pleasure, so I find two easiest ways to get rid of fakes. First, no sex before a real SOLID commitment and the other one I can't share :). I'd like to know how men and woman do to know when someone is being honest with them. I'd also like to know why do some men mislead women they know they'll never marry, is it out of desperation for sex?