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Becoming a grandma! Posted on Sat, May 20, 2006 01:34
Yes, I am an official Golden Girl! I used to think that it would be the end of days if I actually had a grandchild. Oh, to be a grandmother meant that I was beyond old. *Laffs* How wrong I was! My profile is somewhat out of date. The only basic info and statistic that is automatically updated seems to be my age...*Smile* And the photo is accurate. Promise! Actually most of the information and the sentiment in my essay is still pretty spot on, also. So now I am back with my younger daughter while she works and attends college, just to lend each other support for a short while, and my older daughter, who was married three years ago made me a grandma in early March of 2006. He is charming, wonderful, handsome and perfect. *Of course* I seem to have less and less time to keep up with the winks, but maybe it isn't so important? For even when I wink back, things seems to die on the vine. I like a gentleman to write to me and afford me an opportunity to respond. Winks don't seem to get a conversation going. Perhaps that is the pitfall of not being a gold member, but it is what it is for now. In the meantime I have a wonderful man in my life, even though he is still so young he can't even walk yet. But he is gurgling to me on the telephone and sleeps beautifully in my arms as I sing him an old lullabye. I could wink at him forever. Sooner than I can blink, he will be winking back! He is my beloved grandson, and nothing, other than the birth of my own two daughters, has brought me such joy. That old adage is true! I get to play and fuss and spoil, and then give him back to his mom and dad. Life is good. Perhaps someday soon I will be able to share this ultimate happiness with a grown up man. I've never done a "blog" before. Interesting.