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Love letters Posted on Fri, Mar 01, 2013 00:00

Hello my darling, 

They tried to keep us apart, but true love can never be separated for long. 
When I first met you, I was younger, slimmer and more naive. I figured you were the same as all the others.They were all just variations of the same thing. I took a chance with you on a whim. You didn't seem all that special to me at the time but you were different and I was in need. How wrong I was! 

It was love at first sight. (Pardon the cliche — you have no idea the effect you have on my ability to articulate.) It had to be fate, my love. You had everything I was looking for! 
From that day on, there could be no other. You were my world. But, as with any good relationship, 
I grew comfortable. I became complacent. And (for this, I hope you can one day forgive me) I began to take you for granted. You were always there when I needed you, and I began to appreciate that less over time. I had no idea how deeply I had fallen for you until the terrible day came when you were no longer there for me. My eyes burned like fire as I fought to keep back tears. I didn't even have time to say goodbye! 
There would be others but it was never the same, and I always thought of you. Only you, my love! 

Then, just as I was beginning to accept that maybe, just maybe, you had really left me for good, you returned, as unexpectedly as you had entered my life the first time Just seeing you again brought all the memories back. The way you smelled. The way you felt in my hands. And, sweetest of all, the way you tasted. That first time, after the long separation, was the closest to heaven that I'll ever be. 

Darling, I missed you, and I promise I will never take you for granted again. 
Please don't ever leave me. I am nothing without you. 


I love you McDonalds crispy chicken salad wrap!!!!! 
 whaaaaat? The McDonalds here actually ran out of wraps, argh!


Are you smiling yet?

Susie :)

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