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  • I've tried some online dating sites but never found anyone I really liked. And they seem like such work.  Hoping this one is different and has someone special.


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Today's Match Posted on Jun 19, 2014 at 01:53 PM

He is 20 years older than me and live 2000 miles away.  How is he my match in any way?  Can I see someone that actually lives in the same state and is maybe born the same decade?


For those that don't understand about Today's Match, it is picked by the sytem. Has NOTHING to do with if I have a photo or not.  Sheesh

Not that tempted Posted on Oct 01, 2013 at 06:07 AM

My last bf is asking me to move back across country, put all my stuff in storage, and move in with him, again.  This is tempting because it gets freezing cold in MN and its actually nice all winter in SC, even the beach is still good for long walks all winter, can't do that in MN.

When I was dating him, the more I got to know him, the more I did not like or trust him. This was in 2008-2010, so I've had 3 years to reflect on it now.  He brought out the worst in me, his ex-fiance lived in the same town and hated him (and told everyone), one of his daughters barely invited him to her wedding (he did not walk her down the aisle or give her away), he has only a few friends and he is kinda weird.  He's very smart, high IQ, very opinionated, judgmental but also lazy, smokes pot all day long (medical use due to many surgeries, but he started smoking way before he ever got hurt as a firefighter), use to be cute (age has not been kind), hangs out in chatrooms and when I was dating him, he was still pining away for his ex-fiance.

The only real good things I remember about him were from the first month I met him.  And then it went downhill.  He would take me places and basically ruin the day.  We went golfing and he would yell at me for no reason and once I hid my crying on the 15th hole and would have walked off the course but we were near the end of the round.  He gets angry or upset and then takes it out on whoever is around. And I was the target many times. I kept thinking he was just achy from the golf or pain, but it continued.

When we travelled to Las Vegas for a few days, he got in arguments with the airlines who wanted to take our bags at the gate because the bins were full, he refused (because he had pot in his) and they took it anyway - it was quite a scene. And he would argue with the hotel staff over anything too.  I was mortified with people staring at us when he would have his tantrum.

And I could not even talk to him when he got that way, it would only make it worse.  So I would wait a day and then try to talk to him and he acted like it was nothing. But it could have gotten us kicked off the plane or out of the hotel with the way he was acting like a nutcase. 

My son hates him, always did.  He said that my boyfriend exagerates his stories so that he did not want to talk to him anymore.  And he was right.  The boyfriend would say stupid things like he would now be in the Hall of Fame for football or baseball if he had gone pro.  He didn't even play in college, because he didn't go to college.  He became a firefighter at 20, like his dad. He played high school football, which most boys play. So what if he was the quarterback, he never went any further than high school.  How does that make him worthy of the Hall of Fame? My poor son just got sick of the bf's stories.

So while its tempting to move back to where its warm, before the snow flies here, I have no interest in a relationship with the angry, stoned man who rents a small house with no garage.