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When They Misrepresent Themselves Posted on Mon, Jan 21, 2008 14:00
Not even 10 years ago, if you were chatting with someone via a web site, you?d have a new penpal. The only thing you did was chat, email, and maybe exchange a picture or two. Therefore, the chances of people lying about appearances, employment, etc. were great and done as carefree fun. What were the odds of actually meeting that person? Now, people chat, exchange a LOT of pictures, go back and forth on webcams, call each other on the phone, and sometimes meet. Therefore, it seems ridiculous to lie so much when you agree to meet the other person. It seems even insane to go out with that person again when you can?t admit that you?ve lied. Here?s an example. I agreed to meet someone from a certain web site. From the picture on the site and the one he sent me via email, I was happy to meet him. He seemed cute and the age that he stated in his profile. However, when I met this person at the restaurant, I wanted to end the date the minute he said hello. I felt duped. That picture must had been at least 10 years old. He didn?t look like someone in his early 40s, he looked like someone in his mid 50s, he?d lost hair since that picture, and he must had gained about 40lbs. Since I was trying not to be a complete witch, I decided to continue with the date even though I thought I should had left after the first two minutes. Anyhow, this date ends and he calls me later that week to go out again. I was wondering was he on crack or meth. Why would someone who misrepresented themselves think that the other person would be so happy to repeat a date? Wouldn?t it be best to never want to meet the person if you know you misrepresent yourself online? If they will lie about appearances, what else are they lying about?
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Personal goals Posted on Sat, Oct 06, 2007 23:05
People are very quickly able to provide career goals, but what about personal goals? What?s your personal goals? I?ll start. My personal goal is to take a cooking class and to do more volunteer work. It?s not that I can?t cook. I would just like to learn to diversify the selection of meals that I can prepare with ease. My deadline for enrolling in the cooking class is nine months. I would also like to do more international volunteer. I?m already improving my domestic volunteer after doing nothing for the last nine years (shame on me). My deadline for completing my first international volunteer work is 18 months from now.
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Dating a Divorced Person Posted on Sat, Oct 06, 2007 22:45
As I get older, the more I am meeting men whom are divorced. Now, I don?t mind dating someone that?s divorced. However, the number of marriages some have had made me resistant to even entertain a more long-term relationship. I have been confused before about what wife a few have been speaking of because I lost count after the second marriage. In one case, the guy had two marriages and two long-term relationships that he spoke of that seemed like marriages, but maybe they should had counted since he was apparently dating the other two women while he was still married to the latter wife. To me, it proved the reason why I normally stay away from men with what I consider too many marriages or relationships under their belts. To me, they are usually very charming but have commitment issues, and always choose the easy way out when times get hard. Therefore, I would like to know are their people who would not date someone because they have been married more than two, three, four, or more times? If so, what is your reason why? If how many times a person has been married is not an issue for you, why is it not an issue? If you have been married three times or more, why do you keep choosing to marry versus finding someone to spend your life with without the marriage license? I know I geared this towards men, but I have been speaking from my experience as a woman. I know there are many women who change men like changing a new pair of shoes.
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Have You Ever Gone From Riches To Rags Before? Posted on Fri, Feb 02, 2007 16:06
I recently read someone's blog asking how did persons obtain their millions. It made me think about persons whom experienced the hardship of obtaining riches and wealth. For me personally, I can honestly say that I had a nice little nest egg at a young age and blew it thanks to immaturity, fake friends, and lack of financial guidance. Therefore, I eneded up flat broke in the end. Although, over the last few years, I have made some serious chances to get past a certain income bracket I have being aiming to achieve. It has been very difficult route to travel when I know of what I had before, but I do believe in the next few years of continuous hard work, I will make more than the first time. Therefore, I am wanting to know if you have ever had riches or wealth and lost it, what was your motivation to get back on top of things financially. Mine has been the idea of knowing that I will one day be able to pull out the bank statement with a big smile on my face and watch a particular man cry inside for thinking that I could never do it without him or another man.