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Different breed 3 (questions) Posted on Thu, May 02, 2013 23:14

I had a questions asked of me on my last blog page.(but what happens to the sub's soul if she has given her master everything she has to give.....and then he tires of her, perhaps discarding her for another?  Is she disgraced and doomed to debilitating depression?  Is there anything left for her that's still worth living for?)  I am going to tell you these are great questions. Thanks for asking.


Well that depends on the sub and Contract. There are diffrent levels on every thing and diffrent styles. If it was a one night stand nothing. A temp agreement she knows better than to get attached. Dating ok it migh hurt her but she or he will bounce back. Long term the sub will need a break but get over it and try again. Marriage it's unusual a Dom and Sub break at this point but it usually hurts the one being left. The Dom included. Just because a Sub is submissive to a Dom doesn't mean she hast control. She is her own person and any Dom that tells you other wise is a fake.


when they break apart nori ther side is disgraced. The community wont allow it. Harassing one of your fellow peers or a ex in the BDSM world Is a red flag and giant no no, and yes there are things for both sides to live for even if they are left. They just learn more about them selfs like most do and move On.


The best thing to remember is:


A Dowan wants to feel needed & a Sub wants to be wanted.

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Different Breed 2 Posted on Tue, Apr 30, 2013 07:53

fiftyto fifty shades of grey was mentioned to me in a comment left. It's a good read I hear from people that like to pose as Subs and Doms but for Thoes that are in the life style are torn between anger and hurt. One Sub that read the book states that it is more abusive then BDSM and that you should stay away.  I don't know much about the book myself but I can tell you it's not a highly thought of book in the BDSM lifestyle. I've read some fanfiction on BDSM and I was horrified by how off about the subject they were. Not even the slave and master side of BDSM was that cold or heartless.  When you first join BDSM as a sub you have the option to be trained under a Mater or Mistress or wait and just follow what the fellows Subs have told you is expected of you Until You find the right Dom for you. Another thing is if you want to try the life style you should know there are diffrent styles, ways, and levels. 

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I'm a different breed. Posted on Sun, Apr 28, 2013 02:52

Ok so now I start. I'm 21. I'm not a fan of manny sports but can tollarate them. I'm currently trying to write a book. I'm looking for a Dom it's true, but just cause I like to submit doesn't mean Im weak. It just means I know myself enough that if I find Mr right Id beable to hand him the control. A Submissive wants to be wanted but a Dom wants to be needed. I feel that laying control of my life in his hands Tells him I trust him with everything and as a Dom I in return gain a man that can show me everything he worries about and fears without judge meant. I would put a limit list on here but it's blunt and to the point so I can't and wouldn't do that to you people. It's one thing to know its out there but another to be over whelmed with the information. Oh and fifty shades of grey isn't a book about BDSM but abuse I hear from other Submissives like myself. So please don't think I'm like that or the song S&M. I'm a submissive but chains and whips scare me. The life style actualy relaxes and calms me. I don't remember ever wanting to be in charge of anything. It stressed me out, naturally I'm submissive. It's not DNA it's personality and that can't change easy if at all. 

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