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Woman 44
on 12/02/12

Most Embarressing Moment Posted on Tue, Aug 08, 2006 00:00
Heres one i can share, because i can and this being primarily an american site no one in OZ will find out... I was in High School, never kissed a girl never held hands, i was on school camp i still remember her name Susan Moorcraft, she was an angel and the first girl i fell in love with, i used to watch her from a distance always too shy to say anything, this happened for about 6 months , until we happen to both be in the same class and went for a school camp for a week,,the class was walking through the forest she was with two friends walking about 20 feet in front of me when she looked over her shoulder and smiled at me , my heart literally jumped and my friends egged me on to say something. so i walked up to her and in my own way i started to make small talk. this was going well and i felt that she really liked me , after about ten minutes of walking and talking in the moonlight she put her arm around me at the bottom of my waist, my nerves couldnt take it anymore, and i let out the loudest,longest,ground breaking earth shattering fart. I dont need to go on here other to say that it was the last time i walked with a girl during high school, and i think its also the reason i was a virgin until i was 20 Ho hum,