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An Angel... Posted on Jun 11, 2007 at 01:59 AM
Dedicated to a friend in the US... Suffered hard... Lost three wives... and is a giving soul... An angel of beauty Has come into my life.... A man of truth... And one from extreme strife. His heart was one of suffering... And he suffered hard and deep... For those taken and lost... And those he could not keep. I yearn to fulfil... The heart the emptiness has embossed... To feel this soul... Would be a yearning satisified and flossed. If only this soul... Would allow the hurt to release... From behind the giving model he portrays... And for the pain in his heart to cease. This man is our angel yearning... From the heavens up above.... To teach us to be of the learning And to be one in spirit and love.
It Only Takes An Australian Winter.... Posted on Jun 11, 2007 at 01:57 AM
The time will come... When an Australian winter is done... For two to succumb... And to become as if one. The journey till then... Will be one of exploring... Knowing more of each another... In connection and soul enduring. Is this just fantasy... Or fantasy just surreal... Only the universe knows... Whether it will be for real. But the knowing is there... That surreal will become real... It only takes an Australian winter... For two souls to unite and feel.
False Profiles Posted on May 29, 2007 at 05:07 PM
I have only been on here one day and already I have been hit by a false profile. I recognise them immediately... they usually are widowed, use the same loving and caring language... seeking their soul mate... reside in the US but are working in South African etc etc. Their intention? To ask you to wire money to them... usually about US$250 and more! So if any of you are considering contacting me and are a false profile, be warned! I can pick you immediately (I am instinctual) and you will be reported! Don't waste my time.
Symmetrical Spirts Posted on May 29, 2007 at 03:50 PM
The pain I feel Is not a pain I own It is a pain that is real? Or a pain of the unknown. I feel a yearning A heart of a tangled net One of love & giving Worried; touched souls will forget. Forgotten is trust & knowing Belief in the universe & heavens above To live the dream in the dreaming And to have faith... in all that is love. Allow the connection to be alive To know, trust & feel Connecting two eternal souls; to survive For time will make them real.
LIFE IS FOR FREE! Posted on May 29, 2007 at 04:59 AM
Life is short But oh so sweet One to be fought And one to defeat. It can be hard But oh so tough One to be marred And one to bluff. It can cut like a knife But oh so deep One fights for life Yet life will reap. But life is within Oh so, so intense One's within is seen And for others to sense. Life is a gift For all one and all Enjoy it's lift Of its love and call. ENJOY LIFE... THERE IS SO MUCH BEAUTY AROUND AND WITHIN US THAT ONE DOES NOT SEE... AND IT COMES FREE!!!!
Thought Changing Moments.... Posted on May 29, 2007 at 03:05 AM
Over the last seven years, I found a great tool called personal & spiritual development. It is continual studying and hard work. A tool I have not regretted using since implementing it into my life... but more into this particular aspect of my journey. As a result.... I live a life of positivity... A life of a direct path... I allow no negative routes... But only good in everything... Having the ability to identify non good... And to chase it out of my life expediently & effectively. It's also... Having the knowing that all is good... All can become what you want it to be... If only you allow your mind to have vision... To see through the clutter... And to clear that clutter... Physically, emotionally and mentally... To allow the positive energy to flow through. To catch yourself in the moment... Of the thought process that leads you to the wrong path... That's a hard process... But with hard work, it is achievable. then... Become who you want to become... You get perceived how you want to be perceived... You get seen how you want to be seen... You impact on others on how you want to be remembered... You allow others to impact on you on how you want to remember them... You make presence on how you present that presence.... You make your life on how you want to make your life "yours"... And only yours! You see.. It's all about you. You are the essential tool to making you "YOU". No one else can. They can only provide you with other tools. It's whether you want to be aware... Of those tools offered to you... And making use of those tools... To allow the energy to flow through... To grant permission... To manifest that energy in you... To become the good and positive you!!!
Internal Growth Posted on May 29, 2007 at 02:33 AM
Each day is a window of opportunity To learn from what was presented... When you feel you had a bad day... Consider the good in it... Look on the positive side.... There is ALWAYS a positive to all that happens.. Positivity WILL manifest in itself As will negativity... If one chooses a positive outlook Then that person will attract the right people and situations in their life... All positive... If one opts for negativity Then only those of like mind and situations will enter into their life... So open your eyes... And see through them as they should be seen through... See the beautiful things in life... The gifts around you... Of nature... Of art and music in nature... Of the clear, blue skies Of the birds chirping Of a butterfly just fluttering by... Of a rose and its intricate beauty Of a crisp and glorious day... Of the clear and azure waters of the seas and beaches.. Of beautiful pieces of music... Of a helping hand... Of a loving spirit... Of love just being in the air... Of you being part of it... Feeling the energy... The energy of life... It's all around you... The beauty of life... It's your choice whether you want to feel it... And to see it through the eyes of love... Or those of hatred and negativity... Your choice... Your decision... Your life... You are what you make of yourself... And remember... Each moment is part of a journey... There may be many journeys... Journeys which are ALL good for us... Without these journeys... You would not become the person you are and/or will be... As long as you see the good in those journeys. Stay true to you! Love to you!!!
Never and forever more Posted on May 28, 2007 at 07:21 PM
When time between two... Is time connected yet done... Those moments yet few... Are those yearned, lost and fun. The time has now come... For both to say yes... To reconnect and succumb... In hearts to re-assess. To walk paths of differing truths... Or connect and live life less travelled... Learning a truth of untruths... And living life unravelled. Be brave and make the connection... No right for one to evaluate... Of one's truth and its intention... The path of life, its time and fate. The above is for those who cannot be strong and voice their heart, mind, soul and feelings... Have the knowing that you can... After all, you are you and you control you... You control what you do and your actions... So DO your actions! Love to you!!!
I AM ALL THAT I AM & MORE! Posted on May 28, 2007 at 07:18 PM
I am all that I am And "more" that is yet to be seen The more than what I am But "am" is already being seen. So how much is the more? How much is the am? I make the more the more And I make the am I am. My life is changing pace Allowing me to be the more Of a corner yet to face But I am the am; my core. I strive ahead with intent Meeting challenges that lie ahead Fight I will; I am I came I went I am the more; words unsaid.