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MM DATE - EXPERIENCES Posted on Jul 17, 2013 at 11:19 AM

Hello everyone,


I met a member on MM,he asked me out to this VERY POSH place in Berlin.Cool,I thought.Now here comes the problem - his profile said he was 6'2 feet.HELL,he wasn't 5'2! Now my question,why do men lie about their sizes.You can't grow 1 ft in a week! It was so funny I didn't know whether to cry or laugh.I felt sooooo sorry for him and that's the main problem,I'd be sorry for him all the time if we were together,coz he gave me the feeling that he wasn't comfortable about his size.Everything about him was ok; medical surgeon,educated (I could tell),spoke various languages fluently,but what the heck? Now if you're searching for someone who stands 6'2 in such a posh place and well..... ok I'll stop here.What are your experiences? What do women/men lie about?

DECIPHERING A WOMAN'S PROFILE: PART 1 Posted on Nov 05, 2009 at 03:14 PM
Hello ladies and gentlemen,I found this article on the org and just had to share it with you.IT IS SO DAMN FUNNY,or so I thought and would love to hear your opinions about it.Of course,I being a lady would refute some/many of the points :-).So here we go!! 1) Profession: If they say they are "self-employed" or "consultant" or "other", that sometimes means they are unemployed or are licking envelopes at home. Note that there are genuine entrepreneurs out there, but you have to proceed with caution when you see this listed, and things aren't always what they appeared. One time a woman listed herself as working in real estate--and she was a secretary in a real estate office (I guess the office was her real estate). If you're an intellectual type, you're probably going to stick with people who have graduate degrees. While there is no firm correlation between professions and personality types, there is a loose correlation in many cases. People who work in... Advertising/PR/Fashion: Tend to be very fancy-fancy, Long painted fingernails, equally pointy shoes, chemical smell. Lawyers: Tend to prefer expensive, foreign dinners. Many though not all tend to be dry (not very active personalities). Teachers: Tend not to have a lot of brainpower, though there are exceptions. Remember, if they can get their intellectual stimulation working with first graders, they're not going to be able to provide you with very much. Social workers: Shallow, but like fancy meals. Human Resources: Very long fingernails and very shallow personalities. Sales: Shallow personalities, but tend to be fancy-fancy. Computer types: They can be nerdy, lacking social skills, etc., but there can be exceptions. Artists: They can be very interesting, but they can sometimes also be flakey, and off the wall bizarre. MBA's: Varies. Marketing types tend to be less intellectual; financial types tend to be dryer and less people-oriented. But some can be lively and interesting. Doctors: Varies. Some can be very interesting. Others can be surprisingly dull and boring. Be aware that when you date someone, you're going to hear an earful about their work. So if the antics of first graders doing finger painting doesn't interest you, don't date an elementary school teacher. 2) By their grammar. Grammar can be a great IQ filter. Is the writer unaware that the letter "I" is capitalized? That spaces come after periods and commas and not before? That sentences merely featuring a long string of adjectives "Kind,loving,friendly....." are not real sentences? This may sound picky, but if a person doesn't know how to write, they often do not know how to speak our wonderful language. Maybe this isn't a problem if you don't mind dating a person who uses the words "like" and "stuff" with tremendous frequency. One time I dated a doctor (!) who ended every seventh or eighth sentence with the words "dadada" like Monica Lewinsky did. I started to do the same thing to imitate her but she never noticed. 3) I'm too sexy. If a person describes him or herself as "sexy", especially in the first sentence, it might very well be true; but it certainly is crude, and a sign of a lack of sophistication. 4) I love me very much. Some profiles may say "I'm a great catch" "I'm a cutie!" "I have beautiful blonde eyes and gorgeous flowing hair" "I have rippling muscles and great chest hair". These people are very much in love with themselves. You probably won't be able to compete. 5) Please don't be. "I don't like arrogant people." "I don't like cocky people" "I don't like people with high opinions of themselves". When people write these kinds of things, they usually are writing about themselves. Arrogant people tend to find other people arrogant, people who are very touchy often think others are. Stay away, Will Robinson. 6) Stuck up. "I want a man who knows how to treat a lady." This sounds innocuous, but often means that the woman wants to be treated like a princess. I once dated a princess wannabe--we arranged a date at the zoo, but she wouldn't meet me at her local train station to go there, because she wanted to be picked up at her apartment (even though I didn't have a car). Neither did I have a horse and carriage, which would undoubtedly have made her happier. Another time a date complained that I didn't get into a taxi before she did (!), because that was only the proper thing to do. These kinds of people with elaborate sets of rules will never be satisfied. 7) Marry me now! "I want a family oriented man". Actually, many women mention this in their profile, and it's not always a bad thing; it's just a matter of how much they emphasize it. If they mention it frequently, or explicitly, "Looking to get married soon" and/or have pictures of themselves with other peoples' children and babies, they're probably in a great hurry to get married. I had a woman tell me on a first date that she was planning to marry and get pregnant in the next few months. She didn't say who she had in mind to marry.
What women REALLY want: Part 1 Posted on Oct 30, 2009 at 04:22 PM
Men and women are loaded with DNA programmed for living and mating in an ancient world very different than today's world. This old DNA causes men and women to behave today in ways greatly influenced by their ancestors. Many men are very competitive and seek high status in order to control resources and get sex. Most of today's men use their brain or brawn to accomplish things that demonstrate their superiority in some field or task. They are still striving to prove themselves as the greatest hunter today. Interestingly, it is common practice for a dating man to take his woman to an expensive restaurant. An abundance of food given to the woman unconsciously demonstrates what a great hunter and provider he is! That is meant to impress her with his high status so she will give him what he really wants, and it is not food he wants! This still is largely true: "Men trade food for sex and women trade sex for food." Women want a close relationship with a man before mating with him. For women, relationship-building is generally a part of every activity with everyone. Women build relationships by freely talking about their daily trivia and troubles. "I will tell you about my life and troubles, and you may tell me about yours so that we can be really close." This unconsciously reassures them they have a good relationship, and are safe and will survive. When a woman tries to build a relationship with a man by talking about her personal life and problems, men don't understand what is happening. Men hear women's problems as a request for help, so men respond with solutions to the women's problems. When a man offers his recommended solution, the woman often feels as if he is trying to diminish her problem or cut her off. Women do not see a relationship developing with the man who wants to "fix her problems." Women don't want to be fixed, and feel like they are broken or defective. They want to be heard and form a close relationship! What a woman needs before opening up completely to a man is a feeling of security and better chances for survival. In her mind (i.e. DNA programming) this is best achieved through a close relationship with a high status male. Unfortunately most men don't understand women doing relationship building and women don't understand men doing status building. Society has decided the bigger the bank account,the higher the status in society = more women,attraktiv women.The higher the bank account the more we are attracted to you and this is a fact.However men tend to suppose that women,irrespective of age,will fall in love with them for the sake of mankind.Something like "love your neighbour....".This is wrong.We say,"He has big balls" meaning his account is large. Security in form of money leads women to give up a whole life and restart.Whereas men want women to pass on their DNA in form of children. Men want a size zero,a fantasy that awakens to life in the form of models.So what do we do,we starve ourselves to death,BUT the harder we starve the more expensive it becomes for the opposite sex. It is a give and take.