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Random..Part 2 Posted on May 04, 2013 at 02:58 PM

I made it home in record time.






I made dinner, knocked homework with my son out the way , got him showered,  into his PJ's then directed him to bed. Looking at my watch, I realized I only had 25 mins. Time was against me. I ran downstairs to tackle the kitchen.
"Great" .. I thought, looking at my watch after finishing the kitchen..
"7 mins left " ( 953pm). I  bolted upstairs and walked briskly down the hallway to my room.. My son broke my stride..  "What?? Did I not tuck him in?? "Where the heck did he come from?" I thought. 
He stood in front of me. This is our brief conversation:
My Son.." Mom.. I want to show you someth.... "
I interrupted him
"Darling, is this important? I asked staring down at him lovingly
My Son.." Well, no but..I ... "
I interjected .. 
" Then lets revisit and discuss  in an hour ". I kissed his forehead and moved towards my door.
I heard  the protest as I walked quickly to my room .Looking back at my son before closing my bedroom  door,  I smiled at him and said  " I love you"..
He frowns, looking bemused.. I never brush him off . This is not something he is accustomed to. Feeling guilty, I looked at my watch..
3..mins..  I thought.."Ok".


I looked back at him and to my suprise, he was still staring at me , a puzzled look marring his handsome face :-)  ( I just had to add that handsome part in) I sighed and offered up an explanation.




"Scandal is on peanut. "Give me 1 hr and I will come check in on you". I knew all too well he would be asleep but I wanted him to know.. whatever it was...I would not forget about him. I guess he only picked out the word  "Scandal" in all I said to him. My son understood instantly 
Then he says.. "I love  you too mom"..
I winked at him .. He smiled warmly at me and headed back to his room.
I closed my door. Looking at my watch I thought.. perfect timing...10:00pm. Feeling accomplished,  I smiled and sighed as I sagged against my door.
Time for Scandal :-)






Time management= priceless



































































































































































































Random..Part 1 Posted on May 04, 2013 at 02:47 PM

Wanted to share: I had to break into 2 parts: 




I become overly anxious and excited on Thursdays.
I go through the regular hum drum at work, not focussing or bothered by the wealth of complaints, problems and or concerns I get on a regular basis. 
Last Thursday at 0830 am, I was eagerly looking forward to and anticipating 5:00pm. At 4:30 , I went  through my usual ritual of taking off my heels and switching into my flats..My  hand bag packed and my keys sit on the table.To the left of me sits my laptop and monitor idle and within 5 mins, it switched into screen saver mode.
At 500pm, I'm the first one out the door.


It all leads up to this sole reason... 
My favorite  tv  show .."Scandal"... :-)




Yep.. I'm addicted!!
With  only one episode left.. I can't afford to miss a commercial!
So.. here is how last Thursday played out and I wanted to share with fellow bloggers:
I took my son to his baseball game, cheered him on... like the good baseball mom I was!
At 7:15pm ... right after the game... I grabbed  my son.. praised him on the good job he did as we picked up the pace to the car.
Out of breath and trying to keep up .. he said "thanks mom".
Behind me in the distance, I heard one of the base ball moms calling my name .


"Crap".. I looked at my watch.. "I don't have the time for this", I muttered to myself ( no time for after game socializing) . I continued to the car ..ignoring the woman who was calling my name. I ushered my son into the car, threw his baseball gear in then walked around to the drivers side. I looked up to see who this persistent individual was yelling my name.. determined to mess with my flow..determined to talk to me..
"Oh great" .. I  sighed . " the gossiper"
I glimpsed at my watch... 720pm. Before climbing into the drivers's seat, I smiled at her and yelled out..




."Ill call you later hun"..stopping her in her tracks." I  really have to run" I added. She looked at me and scowled ..
Ugh!! I thought .. She will be talking about me tomorrow . I shrugged my shoulders.. Oh well..
































































































































































































































































About last night Posted on Aug 05, 2012 at 03:01 PM
{** The sugar scene**} ~Drinks~ I ventured out last night for the first time in ..gosh i cant recall.  A few of my co-workers finally convinced me after some back and get out of the house for drinks.. Ok..I finally I conceded.  We went to a restaurant/ bar called The Daiquiri Factory. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, nice patio , pretty good drinks. There were a couple signature drinks . One called DUI ..another... Orgasm.. Unsure how potent these were and being I had to drive home.. I stayed in my familiar lane. I had my usual frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. My limit.. 2 drinks. We laughed and talked for a few hours, sitting on the patio enjoying Atlanta's night life, people watching and each other's company. I thought to myself .. This isnt bad.. I can do this. Getting out of the house is.. fun.. Its actually liberating.. About 12:00am ( waaay past my bed time) I'm thinking we are going to be saying our goodbyes for the night. One of the ladies had a eureka moment.." Hey let's go dancing" she said. (   Huh?) The other ladies were all agreeable. ( Oh No) All eyes fixed  on me..  I slumped in my chair..."Sure" I said unwillingly .. "Why not?" You only live once right? I thought to myself. Carpe diem!! **Nervous giggles** Ughhh!!!! Who am I kidding? {*The Shi* scene}~ Dancing~ This is when you realize you don't belong in a club.. 1. All the music is unfamiliar to you.. ( I did not recognize any of the songs ) 2. Everyone is dancing except you..  ( I have 2 left feet) Men trying to talk to you but instead, they are yelling at you over the music    (PLEASE DON'T SPEAK TO ME) 3. Men trying to grope you.    (REALLY SIR ?!!!) 4.Your choice of beverage is limited ( where the hell am I?) 5. You can't move from the spot you are in because the crowd is so thick ( Oh Dear) 6.You get your toes stepped on ( ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?) 7. You constantly check your pocket to make sure your lipgloss, drivers license and credit/debit card are still there. ( THANK GOODNESS!!) And the kicker.. The real kicker 8. You smell like an ashtray .. (I almost passed out..) I think everyone was smoking everything known to man.. Of course I was too as a result ( contact and second hand smoke)!! (Omg time to go..) All of this happened in about 15 mins but it seemed like an eternity. I was standing there looking out of place and feeling very foolish..As I'm watching my co- workers have a good time..I realize just then . I. Need. An.Exit Strategy. I came up with the only excuse I could.. And it worked I pulled one of my co-workers close to me. .whispered in her ear "My heels  are killing me, I need to go"... She looked at me .. kissed my cheek and said "see ya Monday". And just like that she was gone.. disappearing into the crowd.. Smh I smelled like an ashtray.. My hair and my clothes wreaked of smoke.. My daughter was still up when I got home ( she's 19) She inquired about my night. I gave her a recap of how my night went from sugar to sh** Her response.. Side splitting laughter..Im not sure why it was funny, however I'm happy she  found humor in it . Defeated.. I went upstairs, took a shower...crawled into bed, picked up my iPad , played Fur Elise a couple times on the Magic Piano app before.. passing .. out ...
By no means seeking instant gratification Posted on Jul 28, 2012 at 09:58 AM
While at work one day, a co-worker and I had some free time.. ( very unusual but it happens) We talked about the usual things.. Work, Life, love.. Etc... Our conversation ebbed and flowed very well.  At some point during the conversation, we talked about dating, where we would meet men etc . She asked what I did for fun . Confident in my response, I informed her I go from work to home . I spend a great deal of time with my kids, watch the First 48 , Snapped , Who the bleep did I marry , ruruns of my fav movies , read books , bowling, ( you  guys get the pic right). She had a look of bewilderment in her expression. I thought I had grown horns or something. Well she informed me  in not so many words how dreary and dull I was.  I was * shocked*  to say the least. Really!!!  Well.. maybe. ( giggles).    Now I don't go out to clubs, bars, etc... It's just not my scene.. We all have our preferences. She got really excited and suggested after the pink elephant left the room and I told her what my ritualistic days consists of.. (Im thinking she felt sorry for me)...she suggested I try Internet dating. She told me how successful she has been on a"particular site". ( yet she is still single.. Go figure).. Not judging .. She  proceeded to ramble off a few sites..but suggested I try MM. I  asked her why MM.. She told me MM has been featured on Dr Phil, Abc, NBC.. blah blah blah and added this is where she has had more success with dating.. I said what about the others? She said they are ok.. but plainly suggested I try this one first..  Hmm... I  was a little skeptical but  of course curious  as well !! She filled my head with " hope".  I thought maybe , just maybe this will work...  I succumbed to peer pressure. Fast forward to today.. I have been on here for a little over 2 mths now and I'm just now beginning to think this site is not for me. I have had older men asking for my phone numbers emails .. Gotten a few winks here and there.. But nothing substantial.. I have reached out to a few men.. Who have basically  ignored ... some with no photos showing interest yet when I request pics, all communication stops. .. You know the same  recurring stories from other women..   Confused.. I started looking at my pics.. wondering.. maybe I need professional photos?  Is my nose too big? Is it because I take pics of myself in the bathroom? Lol. Here I am questioning my self worth... Is it because there are no full pictures of me being incredibly sexy? Then I started thinking..  some men.. if not all  are visual creatures.. ( women are too) They really are attracted to the superficial..  Still confused .. I start looking into profiles to see what men really want?    Amazingly enough, some  men my age are interested in younger women..  Some of the older men are too..There are no preferences in who they will date  as far as, race etc.. But Still nothing... Sighs..  Some men age ranges are incredibly wide.. * blank stare* ( 18-99) what the hell is that? I'm exaggerating but you get the idea Still confused.. Yet my co-worker has had success!! What the hell?? I once again went back to my profile and thought  maybe it's my verbiage... I had to shake myself back to reality.. I am who I am.. I think I will revert back to my old ways.. My ritualistic behavior.. I was content.. I have a good job..  Love what I do..I don't make a millionaire salary.. But I am content..  Wealth comes in all forms.. It does not have to be financial.. I'm just saying.. Maybe this is not the right site.. Maybe I'm not ready.. Maybe I will bump into my future at a grocery store.. Who the hell knows At 38  or at any really should not be so difficult to have a stimulating  conversation with a man who will see more than just beauty.. I don't think I'm unattractive.. In fact, I think I am  ok.  I've been off the dating scene for 5 yrs choice .. let me just add that in.. And say it again BY CHOICE..only because my life has been consumed by my work and my kids..  It would be nice to share my life with an adult at some point.. But who knows.. Maybe one day... ***annoyed with my co-worker** ( smiling)