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Blog description: My blog is about love and Karma,about you and me,and the possibility of fly togheter...near the clouds,near the sky,for go ti the ciuntry of NO-PAIN,the country of LOVE.- CAME TO BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA for dancing Tango and Fly,or helpme to see you in your country,why not?
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FLY IN THE MAGIC CARPET..... Posted on Sun, Jun 04, 2006 06:01
wE CAN FLY IF WE TRY!! came with me,I live in Buenos Aires Argentina ,and make Magic Carpet,full of colours and nice imagens, for fly near the clouds,near the sky.- This is the country of No-Pain,the country of Love,we dancing Tango in the streets and listen music at all time,the music of spheres ,the music of Karma and Joy.- We ''fly'' together,very cloused,in this magic city,came to fly! Om Namah Shivhaia!
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