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Good to Go Anywhere 14 Views 09/30/06
I love traveling and want to hear about some interesting places to travel. I have not been to Bermuda but I hear that there are no bugs, dirty water or poverty. It sounds interesting to me. Has anyone been? How about Belize. I think it would be neat to see a rain forest soon. Please let me know if you have traveled to either place or would love to talk about a recent travel!
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Do dreams really come true? Interpreter needed! 155 Views 05/14/06
I had this dream about ten years ago: I saw a man (only his head and shoulders) and he was gorgeous. He had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He also had a yellow halo over his head. I had never seen him before in real life. In this dream, I had intense feelings of love for this man I had never met before. Can anyone tell me any similar experiences that came true? Maybe someone can help me interpret this dream. Was it a prophetic dream? - I have had others come true before!
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