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Questions to ask before SEX: 379 Views 10/04/12

The growing expectation of the 3 date rule is not only scary its rediculous. It's confusing why so many participate in this behavior and expect a healthy outcome. 

Taking responsibility of how you date builds a healthy foundation for a healthy reponsible relationship.

Dating Red Flags and Tips:

* Tell someone safe you are going on a date - I take a picture of their license plate and send a picture of the person to my 'safe' person. 

* Google your date - I run them through Google / LI / FB and I've found mug shots etc that killed the contact immediately

* Always take your own car and only meet in a public place

* Let them talk about themself - You will gain far more insight to what the person is about by listening more and talking less

* Listen to the words and actions they choose - notice when something catches your attention, it's a red flag you have picked up on - something in the person is incongruent - stop and identify it (Learn who they are; NOT who you want them to be.)

* Are they pressing for sex?  Get out now, there is no respect here and their never will be.

* Do not let them into your inner circle or space to soon - they need to earn the privilege as you need to earn the privilege of being invited into theirs

Questions to ask before SEX:

* Have you BOTH acknowledged out loud that you are in a committed relationship? (Sex does not = a relationship)

* Do you know the person?  How fast to anger/dislikes/likes/cleanliness - personal things that you will only know by 'knowing' a person.

* Do you know their reputation amongst friends and colleagues

* Have you been introduced to key people in their lives family members? Friends? (not just a buddy or best girlfriend)

* Are they including you in their activities or keeping you out of sight of their inner circle?

* Have you met their children?

* Discussed past sexual activities and had a joint Dr visit to confirm health? (VD testing, HIV)


Add what works well for you....

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Back on MM - Funny & Amazing - what's going on 171 Views 09/30/12

I took a few years off from dating and came back on MM yesterday.  These are my observations and funny treasures.

Cause and effect and flags on the play are all over the place! - good stuff to watch!

* Guys - A LOT of you need to update your photos - they are YEARS OLD.  (Your dates might like surprises... not this one.)

*Love the new "Latest Activity' feature! This is really fun!  Some of you gals probably have a profile on Sugar Daddy's or just regular porn.  Are you really looking for a sole mate or just looking to mate.  Bait your hook accordingly - just saying.  (Sure we can fit a joke in here using 'old' - 'faithful?")

* Funny treasure - Came across a Gentlemen's username says something like "Tired of shallow relationships that go nowhere'  Yet looks for women 20+ years his junior - Funny - and there are a lot of guys doing the same thing.

* Funny treasure trend - 40+ something men chasing 20+ something women (offspring that will just be leaving for college in your 60s - crazy!)  The next trend (10yrs down the road) is 50 something men with kids in grade school chasing 40 something women  - no thank you.

*Ladies looking for a sole mate - watch the 'Latest Activity' feature with renewed interest.  This is showing you male behavior.  I've already blocked some - that were contacting me after seeing a few of their responses / patterns.  Not relationship material for anyone.

* Guys and gals - watch what you bait your hook with especially if you are not getting the results you want.

* Money can buy a lot of things like boobs, cars, houses and other stuff (like a divorce attorney)- BUT IT CANNOT BUY A PERSONALITY. Watch the red flags before you get to deep.

Best in finding a good fit for YOU - whatever that might be!



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MM site is completely entertaining! Curiosity strikes again! 247 Views 07/05/11

This site is completely entertaining! Fabulous mix of People.

There are so many people seeking so many different things for so many different reasons.  And once again my curiosity gets the best of me and here is what I found:

Ladies did you know some of the ‘men seeking women’ are in the ‘men seeking men’ section as well? hmm not that its bad if you're into that, just something to ponder. (Had an 'ah ha' moment when I found a previous contact, now ONLY in the ‘men seeking men’ section.  Shed a LOT of light on the odd direction some of our conversations would take. :D Wish he would have been more open about it, he was a lot of fun and it would have been nice to stay in touch.)

Guys did you know most of the ‘women seeking men’ are (ahh.. wait for it,,,,, wait for it,,,) really only in the ‘women seeking men’ section?  (Sorry, had to tease just a little)  Kinda blows the heck out of the Girls Gone Wild theory, with more men riding the fence than women. hehe

Ladies - checking out the ‘men seeking women’ and ‘women seeking women’ section and there are a lot of really hot looking women out there.  Some very natural and some,,,, not so much.  (Honest advise,,, nip, tuck, suck, fill and implant if you think you must, but DONT PHOTO SHOP! delete, delete, delete) 

Guys - you KNOW I've been all over the ‘women seeking men’ section looking for that special gentleman.  Enjoy all of you, even the crazy liars, scammers and the 'what the heck was that?!' moments that are part of the experience.  (Honest advise,,, watch what you are baiting your hook with!  Cracks me up to hear some of you go on about gold-diggers and then your profile barely includes the basics on it, headline, sex, age and INCOME!  That's not going deep, fishing shallow you’re going to get shallow.)  You guys are sooo cute!

Happy seeking... and thank you all for sharing!

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