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What is happening to us? Posted on Thu, Aug 13, 2009 14:56

Today I visited the local Panera Bread for a cup of horrible coffee, Muzak music tunes, and the white noise created by people coming and going. As I started to read, I heard this familiar and annoying sound. A radio? A TV?


The man at the table next to mine was seated by the window. He was streaming TV news through his cell phone. It was rather loud. (probably because of the music and people.) He was sitting with a young woman but his head was turned away from her so he could watch TV. They didn't speak to one another while they ate.


At first, I was impressed at the technology. Then I felt a little irritated that of all the times those little white earbuds that I see snuggly fitted in ears of commuters and teens weren't utilized by this man.


Without conversation they finished their food faster and I returned to reading. (Good for me.) I can not help but wonder what is happening to us?