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Vote! but think first! Posted on Aug 23, 2012 at 02:56 PM


The truth has been exposed. The radical Republican platform will take women's reproductive rights back to the the dark ages of back alley coat hanger abortions, even in the case of rape caused pregnancy.
The GOP Vice president has even condemed hormonal birth control. They already made it clear when they held up the government by not voting for a budget because they insisted on adding a clause removing funding for planned parenthood (birth control and medical help for poor women willl PREVENT ABORTION). This is a radical group who really only cares about intruding into our personal lives, our gay friend's lives with their religious agenda, not the budget.
Also remember: they vote against regulations to stop global warming. without clean air and water, nothing else will matter.
I will vote for the party that wants to protect the environment and agrees to stay out of our personal lives as it is probably right that no matter which party is in, balancing the budget will not happen quickly. The two wars (Iraq for oil) both started under Republican Presidents, have been way too expensive at a billion a day and will take years to recover from no matter who is in office after how for in debt W got us. Vote for the social and environmental issues that DO and will affect our lives.
How any woman can vote Republican with this platform is beyond me. If you make more than 1  million a year, you are the only ones who will be effected by removal of the current tax breaks and if you are luck enough to make that much, be thankful  you are in that group.  I am wealthy woman and no matter who is President, I will pay my fair share and not complain. Lori