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*He Proposed!* Posted on Nov 29, 2007 at 11:43 AM
Hello everyone!! I know I said I was gone forever but I just peeked in to see how everyone was doing in this holiday season... Must admit, the "blog addict" in me came out a little when I posted last time. Now that I am working a day job I have felt that little urge to click on the blogs to check up on things. And finally gave in! I do feel like I have gotten to "know" a little about some of you all. And I am so excited I am telling everyone I know My boyfriend is now a fiance' :) He proposed on Thanksgiving in front of my family and his family, because I have "made him so thankful" Even asked my father for permission first . I am thrilled. We have known each other for several years (his best friend is my best friend's lawyer) but never dated. Once we did sounds so silly but I knew he was different from anyone I had ever been with. I didn't know it as possible to know so quickly. Glad he agrees!! Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well!! Below is a picture of the ring. I have to control myself because I don't want to do anything except stare at it every second of every day lol... If you have time drop in and let me know how you are doing today. XOXO Lilly
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AM I REAL? Posted on Oct 08, 2007 at 08:27 PM
hello loves. i am back again to write in defense to all of these sudden accusations,that out of nowhere seem to have come from some people i have never corresponded with, others that i have, that i am a creation. but all of you blog super sleuths out there can tear this blog to pieces, i dont care. firstly, i am not irritated towards anyone that is set on uncovering the fake profiles out there. bravo to you all for trying to make this a legitamite dating site. out of nowhere, a few people have begun e-mailing me asking me to verify my identity because, now, after months of not participating, reading, posting, on these blogs or sites, people are beginning to think that i don't exist? now i haven't been reading the national blog enquirer nor am i up to date on the latest drama, but from what i gather from the info given to me, i am being questioned because will maybe did or didn't create girls profiles to make himself look good. therefore, even though i feel as if i have contributed more meaningful input other than "will fan club" posts over the months, perhaps now i too am a fake. it is slightly hurtful to think that bloggers like cassie (sorry for calling you out girl) that i liked think that i am not real. if the reason i am suspected to be false is because people think will is trying to up his whatever on here, i'll say i have met will. i have also met his sister. in person. he and i are not on good terms, i don't like him and he is the reason i stopped blogging. peggy seemed sweet. i am not here to trash will, or discuss will or talk to will. so there you have it, a person will claimed to have had a relationship with that actually did. and isn't singing his praises. i have a new picture posted, in addition to the many others. does that help? anyone that would make up a troll to say they met me to prove i was real, when i am also a troll (so confusing) has WAYYYY too much time on their hands, and hopefully no one is that pathetic.
NO ONE KNOWS ME SO HOW DO I HAVE A TROLL ALREADY? Posted on Feb 28, 2007 at 06:46 AM
hi everyone, i have looked around here on the blogs and commented on a few things, but never thought i'd post anything, and wouldn't have until today....when i got a wink from...myself? yeah, i dont get it it said i had recieved a wink from nolasaint. so i clicked on the profile... this "nolasaint" has my picture and says that she is 23, and that she is a troll. like actually says she is a troll "too", which i guess means i am a troll? except i'm not. right? because, i still dont know what a troll is....or how this person has my picture or why anyone would want to impersonate me because i am not really known on the site or the blogs. so maybe it's time to introduce myself. my name is lilly, i am 21 i live in new orleans.