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Stuff I miss, since I'm single... Posted on Apr 02, 2009 at 04:41 AM
Stuff I miss, since I'm single... Enjoying cooking a meal for two Lazy morning in bed together Seeing a TV character that reminds you of family Something cute to buy as a gift, but no one to buy it for Removing a splinter Stuff like that is what makes me miss relationships I think its not that we miss that specific person It's the idea of the person Knowing that 'that' person will make that difference Knowing that you want to be a 'that' person, too _____ written by MysteryMajic & rhe reason why I'm on dating sites 2/09
Cooking Seduction Posted on Jan 22, 2009 at 08:34 AM
The following question was posed on a message board... Is it possible to seduce someone of the opposite sex with your cooking skills if so explain how? As someone that enjoys a challenge, the following were two of my responses Dinner rolls: Oil the baseboard... sprinkle a bit of flour... roll out the dough... rolling it back and forth, back and forth... kneading it with the fingertips... pushing in, pulling out... rolling again... to one side of the board.. the other... back and forth... baaacckkk and forth... a little more oil on the hands, then dig back in- pushing, pulling... forming feeeeling it plump from your ministrations... cupping it in your hands.... pressing it to the center, then pushing from the center out ... heat up the oven and gently push it in on the center rack... Salad: Using both hands to take that big round head of lettuce in a firm grip... feeling it to be solid, yet giving... pressing two fingers down...down...down..the slowly splitting apart the sides... pushing in deeper ... getting a firmer hold... then carefully, slowly pulling the head back toward you,.. holding the piece in one hand... under the running water to get it wet... shaking the excess moisture as you place it as the bed... then taking the cucumber... noting that off to the side are mushrooms that need to be rubbed and maybe sauteed... carrots that need to be washed and sliced to bite sized pieces... celery... hard boiled eggs that need to have the shell removed.... Written 12/08 By MysteryMajic :) and HEY to y'all that have written nice things about my other writings- Sincerely, thank you!
Cereal Dating Posted on Dec 11, 2008 at 10:39 AM
I use to be a cereal dater, I've met many a Cruchberry Beast on line? at that time, I wore my Lucky Charms coz I was Magically Delicious, tho some thought I was bit Cuckoo? meeting princesses who acted like their father was King Vitamin, expecting Sir Laffitup to rescue them. At that time, I seemed to be looking over that rainbow, thru a hail of dangerous yellow moons, green clover, and pink hearts for the Sugar Bear of my life. And now with the hunting restrictions, she's changed to Honey Bear, so that threw water on that passion?then, when it was only physical, the fire got too hot, so all that was left were Crispy Critters. Ever since my cruise with Cap'n Crunch, I've found that playing Trix is for silly rabbits, so I said a hearty Cheerio to that Quest, accepted that Apple Jack is a better drink than food, and now know that Life is for living.
Wanting the person, not just the relationship Posted on Nov 28, 2008 at 08:31 AM
A real nice gal posed a question on a message board: Have you ever been well on your way to healing? It's been months and're feeling good, hopeful, and looking toward the future... and just like that something happens (something small even) and you feel you're right back there. It got me thinking... and here were my thoughts... Enjoying cooking a meal for two Lazy morning in bed together Seeing a TV character that reminds you of family Something cute to buy as a gift, but no one to buy it for her Removing a splinter Stuff like that is what makes me miss relationships I think its not that we miss that specific person, it's the idea of the person Knowing that 'that' person will make that difference Knowing that you want to be a 'that' person, too maybe not an answer to the question, but it is what I thought of as I read the question (reposted from my myspace page)
CyberDating Soaps Posted on Oct 03, 2008 at 05:58 AM
(I just want to thank all of you who've sent me nice notes of writing encouragement- some are too large for this) As the Sands thru the Hourglass pass over the Days of our Dating lives, when we last left Cyber Cafe, happy hour had just begun & Get-There-Early-For-Free-Food was at the bar next to Thinks-He's-Suave, who was using the mirror behind the bar to strategically position the 28 hairs to maximize coverage, as he repositions his wallet in his left back pocket to give him just that little bit more lift; while in the parking lot, thrice divorced Platinum Patty rearranges, lifts, separates & spritzes on another layer of perfume, as she spies Bouncing Betty applying her 3rd shellacking of foundation before she enters the lair. Swirling mist from the dance floor wafts across the horseshoe shaped bar, as Mr.Just-Divorced leers at the gals that have always been too young for him. Sliding in with her wicker purse, Ms. Hopelessly-Hopeful gingerly walks until she spies an open area & scurries to it, asking the bartender for water. Short-stuff Sammy pushes in next to her to order his beer, conveniently forgetting what Wants-To-Get-Married is drinking. Proud that she found yet another place to wear that bridesmaid dress, Slender-In-Her-Mind sets her sights on Just-Separated, strategically adjusting her walk so that they cross paths at the round of the bar. Chest-Hair's unbuttoned shirt eclipses his leer, hoping its dark enough for Leave-It-To-Cleavage to think that he admires her mind; as she looks around seeking Gracefully-Normal, wondering if anyone's actually normal in the bar. Complainer bends the bartender's ear, unknowingly experiencing what happens when someone doesn't grasp the meaning of the word "tip". Robin Hoodwink makes the rounds observing the various Coach, Gucci, Prada bags; weeding out the Manolo Blahnik from the Payless, noticing Quietly Elegant's running a tab, saunter's over & says hello; as Really-Pushed-Up wedges in between & asks Robin "why haven't you called?" Princess-In-Her-Own-Mind realizes no one's attending her court, so she walks around deftly avoiding eye contact with the few guys she might be interested in; only to find Lives-With-Mom approaching.
Contemplations Posted on Apr 30, 2008 at 09:39 AM
On my vacation (4/12-20/08), I had a lot of time for thinking, remember good, and going over some other stuff in my mind... realizing that maybe...just maybe... I might not always have been as right as I thought I was.... and the following were notes I jotted down... 1. If you like to dance. And she can't follow, if she's still willing to dance, learn a diff style (in other words don't be a stubborn ass and think "your way or noway") 2. Listen behind the words. I don't know if my ego will allow it 3. If you sell yourself short, you'll live up to it 4. Arguing really is a way to see the other person's side... Which may well be right. It's not diminishing to admit you're wrong (ok, that's what I rationalize, not what I can promise I practice- but I do see that now.) 5. Women like to talk. Men like to talk when they something specific to say. Women tell about their day and when a guy listens, they hear her problems and then offer logical solutions. She doesn't want to hear solutions- she just wants the guy to listen. The guy must realize that she's handling it herself and not be insulted when she doesn't follow his advice. She should realize that he's really just trying to help.
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Life's Lessons- Chapter 9 Posted on Mar 28, 2008 at 07:40 AM
Life lessons- Chap 9-1) If she wants to dance, make sure he feels like he can dance well 2) She may think they're little things, but every once in a while, she should tell him she noticed 3) If he says he's not thinking about anything, he probably isn't 4) She can organize anything better than him, except for packing up the car 5) If guys should open doors, walk to the outside, & overall protect her; what is she supposed to do? 6) It's good when you reach each other's inner child 7) Just coz stuff fit, doesn't mean they're still in style 8) Rude people suck the enjoyment out of the air 9) Bake chicken for 20 min per pound 10) Your interests can be different, but you should try to see if you can do them together 11) If you yell at bartenders, instead of speaking to them, your drinks will be weak 12) A touch for no reason, is a very good reason 13) I'll hold your purse when you shop, but why do you get a perverse pleasure of then walking all around the store? 14) For a present, guys would rather have an electronic kid's toy than clothes 15) The person you care about should never make you feel small 16) The more stereotypes you fit into, the less unique you are 17) Look for the 'intention', not just the words 18) Chocolate is a wonder drug 19) Some piercings are just not sexy 20) Don't try to change each other, let yourselves evolve with each other 21) At 2:00 am infomercials seem smart, but at 2 pm you know their stupid 22) Look beside your dryer & you'll find something you lost weeks ago 23) While good people come in all shapes & sizes, some clothes designs should not
Life is like a bathroom Posted on Mar 28, 2008 at 07:06 AM
Life is like a bathroom There are 3 types of people who enter it First are the diarrheic people Entering life, but giving to much of themselves Draining themselves Then are the constipated people Entering life, but not giving enough of themselves Therefore they suffer Then there are the regular people Giving not too much, nor too little Just enough to relieve themselves You get out of life just what you put into it (written 1975 by me for English Class)
Shadows Posted on Jan 25, 2008 at 06:47 AM
(a wonderful Mame-style grand dame of a female-friend requested a vignette for her... from my heart to her's, with best wishes) Plans have made, fixing the walls, helping you paint that den? he'll be coming over late this evening to set things up. The dishes are put away, the place straightened up, the house is ready. Time for a bath and then a nap?. so he accepted the invitation to come over to be ready for an early start? the guestroom's linens fresh? while you wonder if that's actually where he'll stay... He knows where he's to come, as you spoke earlier, giving directions, telling him that you were going to nap till he showed? he was to let himself in... remembering his curious tone when you said you were looking forward to his coming? and how did you mean that, you wonder to yourself ? a little of both, you realize and you smile as you drift?. White glow from the streetlamps creating shadows from the curtains moving in the breeze. Radio playing softly by the bedside. Eyes closed, that tingling of the half awake?half sleep?unusual sounds penetrate? a new car door? a different cadence to a neighbor's walk? Knowing the sound of a key will soon turn the knob; the strong sausage fingers will open the door, how that teddy bear of man will walk so light, yet still manage to rumble the house like an elephant... waiting for the sounds of footsteps on the stairs? soon... soon enough?yet not yet? crickets serenade as they call to their evening mates.. Louder, softer, louder as they follow instincts... from behind the eyelids, you feel the air change, no sounds, no touch only the movement of the breeze? The crickets seem more distant, toads have moved away. The house has changed? unconsciously tossing? turning? nothing registering, dreaming of a taste in the air... a cool summer's eve, pulling up covers, digging deeper into the warmth? drifting off again? then aware of the musk? of the hint of long day sweat? of a presence pushing into your consciousness? sleep pushing it away?dreaming? that shadow that is with you, that doesn't have a presence, yet covers you so completely? that shadow next to you, the shadow to your self, the ying to your yang? sleeping?dreaming? deeper you fall? the evening growing longer? the night deeper? anticipating those strong fingers on your shoulders? pushing into the muscles, rubbing up?rubbing down? pushing to side of the bed, feeling the wall behind you.. dreaming of a Caribbean evening? a hammock? swaying back as you feel yourself falling forward, pushing back as you fall forward again, again and again?then rising from the dream, realizing he's with you.. That rascal is that solid wall behind you, so smiling, you wriggle back. Hands come around, caressing, grabbing flesh, massaging, pushing, kneading. Air comes heavy? moist and warm? body quickly following suit. Every finger melts you, yet fills you; every push away, pulls you back; whispers in your ear; telling you to keep climbing, higher?higher he said.. "Reach" he commands as you picture that mountain top. "Stretch" he urges? higher he presses? hands over your body, moist heat rising? feeling him growing beside you, rising, emerging? musk smelling so sweet pressing back?forcing him to enter, pushing harder, capturing the one that tries to hold you, not giving into his control, yet not gaining control pushing, being pushed- pulling him in as he pulls you on? teeth on the neck? hair tightened around fingertips; higher he hoarsely commands, more, you want more.. getting all you can take, yet still taking, still pushing, pulling, back, forth, pushing, back, pulling, forth? climbing stretching reach-ing making it, to only find yourself rebuilding, still climbing, being carried, higher.. Riding higher, stretching farther... more, more, moving to him, him moving to you...higher?. higher? HIGHER?. Then drifting off into a contented sleep?waking up to a luxuriously tossed, yet empty bed Only wondering what is it that he saying when he shows up first thing in the morning with an apology on his lips for not being able to make it last night?
Twilight Posted on Jan 24, 2008 at 09:58 AM
In the twilight between darkness and dawn, not awake, not asleep; on your side under the covers; the moonlight streams in through the half-closed blinds, reflecting on the iced windows. The warmth of arms around you chest, you stretch your legs, pull up the covers to ward away the cold, then push back till your tush presses against the curve of my body for heat. Reflexively, you slowly press harder as you feel me stirring behind you, coming to me for warmth, feeling secure, yet free; wanting to sleep, yet driven to wake; as you feel my hot breath on your neck, reflexively you push back into me, slightly moving, feeling me react, growing, breath coming faster. In sleep, my hand moves down the side of your body down to your thigh, slowing rubbing, massaging... moving down, then up..down then higher, slowly, circular motions moving up, higher, gently rubbing. Your legs slightly open as my hand moves higher. You feel warmth radiating from the inside as my hand cups the outside. With closed eyes, you feel your heart beating faster, louder...your blood rushing, lips on the back of your neck, teeth lightly touching your shoulder. Both of us moving toward each other, against each other, skin against your skin, flesh against flesh. Legs opening wider, slickness spreading, fingers rubbing, barely penetrating, then out... then back again... over and over, slightly faster... unspoken words willing more, deeper, faster; pressing harder into me... that wonderful tush, moving is circles, feeling hard get even harder as you climb the mountain of sensations. You savor the rise and the wave crashes over your body, building higher, higher and higher... heat radiates from our loins as you begin to feel the first shudder of release, smiling with pleasure, knowing more is to come...your legs part, my arms massage your breasts, tickling the underside of one, while caressing the nipple of the other. You guide me to you, knowing... anticipating... wanting to be closer to be in each other... to be one...You feel me slowly entering...carefully leaving... then filling you with my desire, my wants, my needs... your needs meeting mine, taking me in, farther, deeper than you've felt before... intense, pleasure making your yearn form more... more than you've ever had before... again and again... pushing you back up that mountain, your senses tingling, your body rising... your smile coming, then loosing all sense of time, of space... only the here, the now, the us... moving together, apart, then together again...over and over, the cycle repeating as we push each other up that hill, up that mountain, up that peak, higher than we've ever been before...
Life's Lessons- Chapter V Posted on Nov 16, 2007 at 06:17 AM
1. Soaking dishes isn't the same as cleaning them. 2. Don't skimp on bathroom tissues- buy Charmin. 3. Hellmann's is the only mayo 4. The dishes don't walk themselves to the cabinets 5. Smoke alarm batteries die between 1 & 4in the morning/ 6. Her underwear is color coordinated- he's just happy his underwear is clean 7. Give him a chance to notice and comment on clothes 8. A stud-finder is a great house-warming gift 9. No matter how funny it is, don't ever point the remote at her & hit mute. 10. Don't wear shoes in the house- it keeps the carpets like new. 11. She'll like his taste, till she moves in- then, as you're furniture shopping, you'll find it was only great "for a single guy." 12. While the floor can catch crumbs, you need to sweep it every once in a while 13. If something seems weird, just ask- don't assume the worst, if you really care about each other, it is probably a misinterpretation 14. Open bags of chips are not as tasty as new bags 15. Everything cannot be washed together, unless you don't mind pink t-shirts 16. She can tell if you wash the decorative towels. 18. If you say it slow enough and loud enough, everyone speaks English 19. A little gift, for no reason, makes both feel warm inside. 20. Best Marinade is Soy Vey 21. His ego needs for you to need him 22. Guys can be trained by positive stroking; discipline causes pushback. 23. Making you feel good, makes him feel good. 24. Sweet Baby Rays is the best BBQ sauce.
Storm Posted on Nov 13, 2007 at 01:45 PM
Constant streams of water falling, pools forming at inconvenient places along the roadways & backyards. The gray light casting a dreary pall over the lazy Saturday. Slats angled down let the rain fresh air thru the house, as the cool of the evening cuts the humidity to a light pall. I come home, finding you asleep with a book at ur side. Up from behind, I bend over ur forehead, pulling the throw up to ur neck as I brush ur lips with good wishes & a smile. Stretching the sleep from ur muscles, ur feline moves ripple over the sofa and, once again, I smile at the innocently sensual moves, admiring the lithe, yet supple curvature of ur form. The pillow falls to the side as ur eyes fight the battle between sleep & wake. Teakettle whistle in ur dreams, then the faint aroma of chocolate rouses you to slowly open ur eyes. The hot chocolate at ur side turns up ur lips, as you look around for the nefarious culprit who has invaded ur quite time. You find me closing the windows as Mother Nature puts the world into the rinse cycle, Warding off the evening chill by pulling the cover to ur neck a squeak of protest leaves you, but the steam from the mug is more than enough to rouse. Against ur rules, I climb over from behind so that I'm sitting between ur legs & the couch back. ur face is pulled to rest on my chest, as we watch light streamers cut across the fast moving clouds. The roof amplifies the patter as I pull you closer, the warmth of closeness reviving, the light show entertaining as ur curves meet mold to me. As the weather drained the energy from our muscles, you feel gentle kisses on ur cheek. Arms guide you to my embrace, while, unbidden, we lounge as one. Kissing my neck, then shoulder, you feel me stretch as my heart, though resting, senses something more. Fingers knead ur neck, slowly trailing down ur shoulders; limbs, tightened by sleep loosen as a small moan escapes. Hands, with minds of their own, find my arm & hair; lips unknowingly caress my shoulder & chest.
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Life Lessons- Chapter 7 Posted on Nov 13, 2007 at 09:09 AM
Chap 7: 1.Film Noir is classically romantic 2.The smell in the fridge will not go away just by closing the door 3.It's fun to see things through her eyes 4.Favored Mary Anne over Ginger 5.Bathing suits the size of my old cut-offs are too short (no Speedos)6. Things I want to do w/someone special: Planetarium, zoo, rainy Sundays in bed, BBQs, massages, New Orleans, piano bar, cruise, Disneyland, Peter Lugars/Ruth's Chris 7.He'll know what drink he'll order when he's in the parking lot; once he gets the bartender's attention, she'll start thinking about what she wants 8.Most avoid the heel when making a sandwich 9.Look beside your dryer & you'll find something you lost weeks ago 10.Why is it that when I'm ready to leave, you need to look at the part of the rack that's 6 sizes bigger than your size? 11.If your profile doesn't show some element of your personality, don't write me 12.While good people come in all shapes & sizes, some clothes designs should not 13.Some people want to flirt by notes, others via phone or in person- let the guy know 14.Courtesy & manners are becoming a lost practice 15.If you're just looking for a friend, thanks for your interest, but I'm focusing my efforts on meeting my life partner 16.It's about how we make each other feel about ourselves 17.If you have to ask how the date is going, its better for you than the other person 18.A relationship develops over time; the only way to speed up the time is to see the person for non-date nite dates, as well as the weekends 19.'Tis both person's obligation & opportunity to think of new things to do. 20.Side-by-side/hand -in-hand.
Tomorrow's Yesterdays Posted on Nov 08, 2007 at 06:50 AM
Yesterday We met Yesterday Our first kiss Yesterday I felt the light in your eyes Yesterday We danced Yesterday We laughed together Yesterday We met each others family?and laughed harder Yesterday You convinced me I was? not entirely correct?then we kissed Yesterday Your tears were caught on my shoulder Yesterday Our blood beat faster Yesterday A call made us warm inside To find that special woman to give a world of tomorrows, promising yesterday memories (written 10/31/07... on the train...on my way to work)
Life Lessons0- Chapter I Posted on Nov 06, 2007 at 01:15 PM
Life Lessons- Chapter I: : 1. Don't hem drapes w/a stapler (but iron-on hemming tape is a wonder) 2.Washing in cold water doesn't mean you can mix reds & whites 3.When she buys a new outfit, let her model it for you 4. There is a reason for that many pairs of shoes, but I'll never know it 5. Parallel parking is a sport 6. Guys look at shopping like hunting; give them a direction & they keep looking- so there is no reason to visit departments not on the trail 7. If it has a button, guys will push it 8. With Ron Poppeil's products, cooking is manly 9. The quickest way to get a guy to do something, is to tell him he's not up to it 10. I am taken for 35, active like I'm 35 & I plan to continue to be 35 11. NEVER use the decorative towels 12. Not if, but when the weight of all her sweaters collapses the closet shelf; don't complain- just buy a closet kit so she can organize & store even more stuff 13. When you were a kid, summer lasted a year & winter lasted a lifetime; now your cruise 2 years ago seems like just yesterday & graduation was only a couple of years ago 14. If you like her, even when she's wrong, she's right 15. You should want to be with her when you get together with your friends 16. It may not be worth it to buy a GPS for $500 instead of asking for directions for free, but it's more fun. 17. With TVs, bigger is better 18. It is never funny to point the remote at her & hit mute 19. NOTHING makes her tush look big 20. Toilet paper rolls OVER
Rain Posted on Nov 06, 2007 at 12:54 PM
It was pouring Sunday night? as I was standing in the sunroom, I was thinking of that special woman, yet to come into my life... The tops of the windows were open a few inches to let the outside in. First the wind was blowing, the underside of the leaves were showing. The rabbits started heading for the brush. A few deer walked thru the yard, then bounded into the trees. The clouds were racing bye, getting darker. The air was fresh, clean smelling. Dollops of water started falling. Flashes of light in the distance. Water started coming harder, beating, pounding, bouncing off the patio. Small streams formed. Thunder rumbled toward the house. Rain pelted harder. Lightening crackled only a few seconds away. Lights flickered. A taste of moisture in the cross breeze. Arm hair standing up. CRACK! Jumping, you're held tight. Then we look into each other's eyes And smile. Not the norm, but 'tis the desire that will give the "norms" that special feeling.