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I've recently taken an interest in Property Development. I have so many questions around this topic and I would really like to have some feedback regarding this. I have found in South Africa specifically that there is a lack of really modern and sophisticated urban spaces to live in. For someone like myself that loves artistic-well-thought-out and designed spaces I just cannot seem to find a space that I love and that would suit my lifestyle.

I def see the gap in ...

My blog address: http://MillionaireMatch.com/blog/MsLovable2001
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I am not looking for a Sugar Daddy!!!! 57 Views 05/17/13

Hi there


Welcome to my world and thanks for taking out the time to read my blog. I have not blogged in a while so I thought let me give this a shot and see how it goes. It is obviously also the perfect platform to sort of write more about myself as the profile space we have is very limited and I have alot to say :)


So yes I have a bubbly personality, love to converse on any nr of topics and I love being social. I know alot of people but I have a very small circle of intimate friends. That in itself should tell you alot about me as well.

So here's the really refresing part about myself, I have a decent job :) so yes I am not looking for a Sugar daddy as I have a dad and I love him very much! I work for one of the top Financial companies in South Africa and although my job is very demanding I do enjoy what I do.

I pay my own rent, have my own car, buy my own clothes and pay my daughter's education with my own money. I hope this clears up alot of misconceptions about women from Africa looking for donations. I AM NOT ONE OF THEM AND NEVER WILL BE.


I am a smart, educated and sophisticated women. I am strong-willed at times and I know what I want in life and what I want out of life. So yes I am looking to share my life with a beautiful man, in soul, heart and spirit. Should be caring and loving and very affectionate.

I would prefer someone that has an adventurous spirit and would like to come and discover South Africa in all its beauty and splendour. Perhaps you would even like to relocate here or live here some part of the year. We do have alot of investment oppertunities with fantastic financial institutions or perhaps you are leaning towards properties. South Africa has some of the best properties in the world. So in essence you are blessed with a more flexible schedule than me :)

One of my interest that I would like to develop is Luxury Property Management. I am also interested in Design and Interior Decorating. I do not have any design qualifications but I have good taste and am good at applying myself at things like this.

I still have alot of things to write about so please come check on a regular basis what I am writing on.


Ms Lovable


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