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Anyone looking to get married? Posted on May 10, 2006 at 11:10 AM
Is there anyone out here actually looking to get married? Believe in love at first sight? Yes or no?
Not looking for Sugar Daddy; Just need a little help Posted on May 09, 2006 at 07:44 AM
I value honesty so I'm gonna lay it out straight, I'm not looking for a man to support and take care of me, I am just in a really bad situation and their are two little girls hearts I'm trying desperatly to protect. I'm going through a custody battle right now, and while Ive used all of my savings fighting for the last two months, I now have one child home with me, and I'm broke. My little girls have been split up now, and I'm working desperatly to get the money to continue with these hearings, but I keep comin up short now. All of you out their offering your money for plastic surgery and such, I would put it to much better use here. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. My attorney is with Micheal Whites office out of Killeen, TX,and you can send it directly to his office, for any skeptics... You can reach me at Mombiz81 at yawho... Please know I am not just looking for a hand out here, I have gone to the governor, mayor, senators, congressman, state pro bono lawyers (all too busy of course)Im currently doing various things for fundraising ,all for help or to earn this money, I am exhausting my resources here. I will borrow /work / accept/earn donations whatever it takes to get this help because at the end of my visitations I still have to face a 4 year old that doesn't understand why she can't come home too, and a 7 year old that tries to explain to her, that we won't give up. Please anything, even advice is needed and greatly valued.