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What would you do ? HELP Posted on Sat, Jan 07, 2012 05:16
Is this nuts or what ? I'm in a middle of divorce, but in good terms with my wife because we never fight or argued seriously (other than the 1st couple of years of marriage), I buy her everything she wants, and she can do anything she wants - and took her to dinner about 2 to 3 times a week. And plenty of Caribbean islands, and world travels. We have had a very peacefully life in our (what I call) our Platonic Relationship. Being a Scorpio, (proud of it) I have also have never cheated on her, and I'm proud of my loyalty. Anyway, kind of lonely at new years she wanted me to take her dancing and listening to bands and fireworks at the fairground for New Years Eve. I said fine and took her dancing. Had some drinks and a good time. Here's my problem. Now I'm getting emails wanting me to take her on a Cruise. She sends me all these Travel Agency Brochures and wants me to pick my choice. I don't mind taking her if that's what she wants, but is it wise?, am I wrong to coddle her?, or am I just plain out of my mind ? I'd love to hear your ideas what you did while your papers were pending. BTW: She suggested the divorce to make me happier, therefore we both are in agreement without an argument.